Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / Business Awards 2021 31 , Dec21121 Peninsula Drinks And Food, an exemplary liquor store operating out of Abu Dhabi, has become somewhat of a darling in the alcoholic beverage sale industry for its region. Not only is it the only company inwhose stores a customer can enjoy tasting and sampling of the products, its staff are each incredibly knowledgeable and diligent when it comes to service, and it strives to create an experience more than it strives to create a simple retail environment. This is mirrored in the commitment to keeping track of buyer habits that it champions throughout its operation, bringing the latest and greatest beverage innovations to their palettes. Best Craft Alcohol Retailer & Distributor - Abu Dhabi An on-the-go specialist provider of exemplary alcoholic beverages, Peninsula Drinks And Food is the best in Abu Dhabi for different imbibements of different strengths, tastes, and origins. Fundamentally, it prides itself on specialising in the provision of craft and boutique products, but not at boutique prices, making itself a friendly and affordable way for people to enjoy the finer refreshments available to them without breaking the bank. A one-stop-shop for everything from wines to beers, ciders, spirits, and even non-alcoholic products, it boasts an exemplary online ecommerce solution and flagship store, both of which take great care of the customers who come to it for their alcoholic beverages, redefining the standards of retail. Its shop is something it takes great pride in, after all. Something that has extended across to its ecommerce when it comes to making its website as userintuitive and easy to navigate as possible, it ensures that the emphasis is on the products and on serving them to the customer in a manner that is easy to digest. Meanwhile, its in-person shopfront is stylishly designed and carefully curated, the products on display in a manner that is equally easy to find one’s way around and staffed by people who are eager and willing to explain the finer points of specific alcohols and their potential pairings. Currently, it has 5 storefronts – with many more on the way – and it considers itself extremely fortunate that it has been able to adjust quickly and efficiently to socio-economic issues, its team persevering through the difficulties of the pandemic in order to ensure that Peninsula Drinks And Food pulled through. This meant that it was able to funnel significant effort into keeping track of buyer habits in order to continue serving its clientele as best it could. Providing an amazing platform through which new and trendy products can find their footing in the market, it takes great pride in being able to bolster the notoriety of up-andcoming alcoholic beverage brands, being the only liquor company granted permission to conduct in-store sampling. This allows it to listen to its customers at every turn. Taking their comments, criticisms, and concerns on board, it will diligently implement all the changes it can in order to keep its market segment satisfied with the work that it is doing, prioritising the happiness of its people above all things. Its staff, being its greatest asset, make sure of this. Each of them goes above and beyond to aid a customer as soon as they walk through the door, holding to an ethos that knowledge is power and wishing to pass this on to its customers so they can make the most informed choices regarding their purchases. Company: Peninsula Drinks And Food Contact: Timothy Broughton Website: DRINKS AND FOOD L.L.C n Logo