Business Awards 2020

MEAMARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards 69 , Best SharePoint Development Specialists - South Africa Viaweb Viaweb is a teamof dedicatedweb developers providing IT consulting services in SharePoint WebDevelopment Planning, CRMbusiness and technical consulting, as well as Internet and Intranet services. Through the implementation of seamless technical business solutions, Viaweb is able to support their local, national and international clients with exceptional websites that are functional, attractive, and the best possible representation of a brand.We take a closer look at theMidrand-basedfirm. Situated in Midrand, South Africa, Viaweb is an information technology company providing consulting services in web design, database development and ecommerce, with particular specialties in SharePoint, CRM business consulting and technical consulting. Viaweb also provides Internet and Intranet services to give companies the foundations for innovative online projects. Employing emerging design and programming technologies, strategic planning, and marketing, Viaweb collaborates with businesses like Transnet and the University of South Africa to define strategic objectives and source solutions that are delivered on time, on budget and with exceptional customer service. Viaweb boasts real-world experience in consulting, creativity and IT, which it is able to implement in innovative methods and technologies to create unified and streamlined technical business solutions. Focusing always on functionality and ease of maintenance, Viaweb continuously seeks more efficient and effective ways to deliver seamless websites and services that will support the work of their local, national and international clients. The Viaweb process of fulfilling clients’ IT requirements is meticulous, beginning with in-depth research into their business and its brand identity. Viaweb’s team are highly trained across a range of business verticals, enabling them to understand how they can best leverage Internet technology for a wide range of sectors. Based on these findings, Viaweb is then able to begin crafting personalised solutions that create profit centres in websites that incorporate functions such as query forms, databases, memberships and customisation features. A good website is one that is seamless and easy to navigate, and Viaweb’s websites are therefore integrated with back-end databases to make operations easier for users. Viaweb also implements interactive programming, database-driven content, webpage layout and more to fully plan, build and deploy a comprehensive e-business. Viaweb’s specialist team of information and graphic designers also ensure that the whole website is consistent with the entirety of a brand’s online presence, paying close attention to colours, themes, images and more. It is the visual elements that create greatest engagement with clients and to that end, Viaweb is able to utilise its research on the website’s objectives, target audiences, information structures and more to integrate visuals into a seamless and functional website or e-business platform that makes an impact. As the tech industry becomes increasingly saturated and competitive, the importance of making an impact becomes more and more Nov20580 apparent. The thriving industry requires businesses to stay always at the cutting-edge of innovation and ahead of developments and trends. As such, Viaweb is committed to constantly moving forwards, never stagnating and combining its established skills with new ones in accordance with the latest in technological innovation so that the team can continue delivering excellence to their clients. After all, customer service exists at the beating heart of any business. Viaweb recognises that it is not just about answering queries or addressing complaints, but creating a holistic experience that seeks to give clients a competitive edge in a busy market. Thus, by staying at the forefront of technological advancements and maintaining professional yet friendly channels of communication, Viaweb is able to honour its commitment to delivering superior web solutions for its clients. Rarely has this commitment been more important than it is in the current changeable landscapes of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As income inequalities have been further worsened across South Africa and the social and economic repercussions of the virus only continue to increase, Viaweb is striving to protect the health and wellbeing of its communities in any way it can. Technology has the power to level the economic playing field, facilitating better access to employment and financial stability. As such, Viaweb is providing resources and solutions to communities around Midrand to keep people safe and connected whilst also allowing them to work and learn remotely. In its efforts, Viaweb is once again helping individuals and organisations across South Africa to build the foundations for professional and personal growth. Company: Viaweb Contact: Lwando Mlonzi Website: