Business Awards 2020

64 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , Best Management Systems Auditing & Consulting Firm 2020 Tennaxia Consulting Established in 2016, Tennaxia Consulting is the result of long professional experience within SME’s and large international groups such as Bureau Veritas and SGS. Having recently been recognised in the MEA Business Awards 2020, we got in touch with Yassine Karim to find out more about one of the best management systems auditing and consulting firms in the industry today. Based in Casablanca, Tennaxia Consulting aim to support its clients in mastering their processes and developing the performance of their management systems. Going into further detail, Yassine begins by providing us with an overview of the firm, as offering us more of an insight into the services it provides for its diverse client base. “Tennaxia Consulting offer expert advice in strategy and change management to a diversified and balanced portfolio including the banking, agri-food and energy sectors. All our services are complementary and meet the development needs of our clients such as support for ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications, the organisation and reengineering of processes and inter/intra company training.” In the field of management consulting, the firm come up against plenty of competition from across the MEA region. However as Yassine goes on to explain, its client approach and high standards has given the firm an edge over some of its closest competitors. “Here at Tennaxia Consulting, our customer service philosophy is based on sustainability, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Combined with our proximity to clients and ability to bring them real added value, these two factors have been instrumental behind our success.” Regarding the internal culture in place, with a flat hierarchy structure implemented all employees must be accountable for their work, as Yassine points out. “Characterised by accountability, we trust the dynamic youth of the organisation to perform and achieve the goals of the business. Moreover, working with a flat hierarchical structure also releases the full potential of our team.” In order to remain at the forefront of developments, the firm have recently developed an innovative project management solution, which Yassine is keen to highlight. “The digital solution will allow the dematerialisation of project management, the management of consulting teams but also the management of deliverables. This will allow clients to follow the progress of our projects from start to finish, to follow the project deadline, and to follow their deliverables with a means of approval and validation.” In 2019, we signed a partnership with SymaleaN Group, publisher of Quality Safety Environment management system management software. Nov20852 Bringing the interview to a close, Yassine signs off by sharing with us some of the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the team at Tennaxia Consulting in the years to come. “After five years of creation, we were able to position ourselves quickly by being a benchmark firm in terms of quality management systems. In large SME’s, the idea is to consolidate and anchor positioning and to ensure a progression is profitable and sustainable. The sustainability for me as Head of Business is very important, as I want the Tennaxia Consulting structure to be autonomous and to succeed with teams. “Moving forward, the future project in 2021 is to develop an Africa subsidiary which will be in Senegal. The Senegal subsidiary will decline all the tools and all the consulting approaches that we have put in place in Morocco. Beyond this, in terms of diversification, we want to set up an eLearning platform on the management system that is a national, African, and subsequently international platform. This platform will be sold to our customers, and people who register will be able to take courses, take tests and have certifications.” Company: Tennaxia Consulting Contact: Yassine Karim Website: