Business Awards 2020

62 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , Business Training & Coaching Entrepreneur of the Year: Emmanuella Aboa Transolution Services Africa Ltd Transolution Services Africa Ltd prides itself in being a champion of transforming lives, sharpening leadershipmanagement skills, and challenging businesses to achieve their full potential. Recently, we caught up withMEA Business awards Business Training & Coaching Entrepreneur of the Year, Emmanuella Aboa to find out more to find out more about the business and the extraordinary services they deliver. Launched in 2007, Transolution Services Africa Ltd aims to be the leading choice of its clients with a one roof business advisory platform propelling the wealth of Africa. To begin, Emmanuella provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and the journey of Transolution Services is no exception. The year 2007 saw the beginning of a strong era with discussions to make Kenya a competitive and prosperous country taking place. With globalisation, Kenya embarked on positioning itself more competitively, thus attracting various foreign investments. Naturally, this would mean more business opportunities and the need for a reliable translation and interpretation company in the country. Equipped with a computer from the comfort of my home, I founded Transolution Services as a sole proprietorship, offering French and English translation and interpretation services. “Today, we are a fully-fledged pan African company offering various services to different target markets including translation and interpretation in over 20 international languages and several African dialects, executive training, bespoke coaching and counselling services, project management and monitoring and evaluation. Working with a variety of clients ranging from government, institutions, community-based organisations, young people and senior leadership among others, our goal is to help our clients maximise opportunities within their ecosystems.” Operating in the translation and interpretations field can be a challenging experience, however as Emmanuella goes on to explain, the firm’s philosophy and its overall client approach has enabled the firm to distance itself from the crowd. “Here at Transolution Services, our philosophy is based on the unchanging fact that customer is king, and we exist because of our clients. To help our clients scale up their limits and maximise the opportunities within their ecosystems, we take the time to understand them, focusing on their money, ability and needs, building our strategies around their behavioural habits.” Although Africa hasn’t suffered quite as much as others with COVID-19, as Emmanuella points out, the continent could have benefitted more from some of the opportunities presented during the early stages of the pandemic had everyone been more united. “COVID-19 has significantly affected cash flow, and even though some banks have facilitated loan acquisition, the uncertainties of ROI make Nov20586 it difficult for SME’s to embrace it. The resilience of the Kenyans however can be applauded, with many having to adapt, embrace partnerships and diversify their offerings. However, in comparison to other parts of the world the number of infected cases and death rates here have been fairly low, so this was a time to develop the manufacturing industry in particular.” Regardless of an employee’s status in the organisation, everyone must adhere to the same values when it comes to the firm’s internal culture. “With a culture based on empowerment, every individual from board members to the lowest rank in our hierarchy are required to exercise our key values in their undertaking. Moreover, with a greater emphasis on management we ensure that what we say and do are in tandem.” Working in an industry which is constantly changing means leaders must learn to anticipate the future, by positioning themselves to discern future threats and opportunities. In this regard, the research team at Transolution Services have been instrumental as Emmanuella goes on to explain. “The research department informmanagement of threats and opportunities which then helps us plan our response. With an adaptive mindset, our staff play a significant role when implementing any changes, so we promote an ecosystem based on participation and growth.” Finally, Emmanuella discusses the firm’s approach to recruitment before outlining some of the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for Transolution Services Africa Ltd in the years to come. “Anyone joining the workforce must be able to add value, so we typically look for candidates whose strengths lie in creativity, collaboration, adaptability and critical thinking. Moving forward, we plan to continue focusing on the Ubuntu philosophy to drive growth in the continent. Ubuntu focuses on community growth rather than individuals and this is the only way to drive economic and political growth in Africa.” Company: Transolution Services Africa Ltd Contact: Emmanuella Aboa Email: [email protected]