Business Awards 2020

MEAMARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards 59 , Best International Tax Advisory Firm - Middle East FAME Advisory Advisory Firm - Middle East Tax legislation, on an international level, is nomean feat. It requires a great deal of knowledge gathering and a commitment to providing complete compliance.We take a look at FAME Advisory, a firmwhich has long been committed to delivering the best quality advice in the business. As wewill discover, the team’s success in theMEABusiness Awards is just another impressive addition to their enviable list of success. Based in Dubai, but with a reach that extends far beyond its borders, the team at FAME have achieved the remarkable. For corporates and families, they are an integral part of creating suitable structures that can be implemented across various geographies to ensure new levels of success. It’s not easy to work in this business, but the approach of the team at FAME is to design simple solutions that meet the specific needs of the clients. By targeting their work in this way, the team have reached an extraordinary range of people, providing various services like tax compliance services, business advisory and compliances, family related offerings, tax agency and tax agent services and VAT consultancy to name but a few. As the team provide such a comprehensive result, clients have taken to FAME very quickly. The team do whatever is needed to satisfy the customer, but frequently go above and beyond to delight and dazzle them. While incredibly skilled, the team at FAME know when they cannot deliver the best service, but their long history in the industry means that they always know who to turn to in order to gain the best results. The firm has grown significantly since its humble beginnings in 2014. The team offer advisory services to various clients from Hong Kong, India, UAE, Africa and the UK, as well as assistance with the establishment of entities in over forty jurisdictions. This ranges from trusts and foundations through to companies and other similar entities. Determination to provide the ultimate service for clients is what has kept the team going. During the recent pandemic, FAME had to adapt quickly to ensure that it could continue serving its customers. The team are uniquely positioned to provide services across the Middle East, particularly in GCC countries, but with travel restrictions new techniques have had to be implemented. Technology has been a major boon to the team, allowing access to clients remotely. Through the use of video calls and similar means, the team have been able to ensure that they are in constant touch during this difficult time. The tough economic situation has impacted the engagement and fees of FAME significantly, but this has not stopped the team reaching out to larger potential customers, using this newly developed technology to reach an even larger audience. Embracing new ideas has always been at the core of FAME, and the team started focusing technology related consulting assignments last year, acting as a bridge between the technical staff and operations team. By making the requirements Jan21082 of the operations team clearer, the technical staff have been able to provide bespoke solutions that have made an enormous difference. It goes without saying that the main aim of FAME has always been to provide a simple solution that offers complete compliance. It’s why this firm is the preferred provider for so many people. With an eye on the technological landscape, and the ability to partner with clients to provide a unique solution, it’s little wonder that FAME has not just been part of many success stories – it is an extraordinary achievement in and of itself. Company: FAME Advisory Name: Nirav Shah Web Address: Email: [email protected]