Business Awards 2020

MEAMARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards 53 , Best Oil & Energy Company - Dubai Macdows Energy DMCC Capitalising on experience gained over the course of four decades, it comes as little surprise to learn that the work of Macdows Energy has secured the firm the title of Best Oil & Energy Company – Dubai. In the latest iteration of theMEA Business Awards fromMEAMarkets Magazine, we highlight the success of firms that are making a difference in the region. Macdows Energy is one such firm, so join us as we take a closer look at what it has to offer its clients and customers. Since its inception, Macdows Energy has been a privately owned company, and one that specializes in the trading of all manner of oil and energy products, including refined petroleum products, petrochemicals, lubricants, grease, tar, asphalt, metal, scrap, and paper. The firm has its origins firmly rooted in Dubai, and the wider United Arab Emirates as a whole. However, over the years since it was first formed, it has grown significantly. Today, this ever-growing and expanding company has successfully extended its reach beyond the borders of the United Arab Emirates, and has distinguished itself and its operations all over Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Yet none of this growth would have been possible without the experience gained over more than four decades of service. Macdows Energy has always aimed high, and aspired to trade its improved and top quality products that give a level of satisfaction to customers that is hard to beat. No matter what the expectation may be from customers, these products far exceed them, every single time. This guarantee of exceptional quality feeds perfectly into the mission and vision of the work carried out by Macdows Energy. As a mission statement, the entire team at Macdows Energy focuses on the primary aim of achieving maximum value through an undeniable increase and development of competitive advantage, for clients all over the world. No matter where they may be, giving clients the edge in their dealings is absolutely imperative to the work that Macdows Energy carries out. Supplying products is a part of that, and the range of products means that there are more customers that can always be served. It may be bitumen, base oils, rubber process oil, motor oil, waxes, greases, metal scrap, or even paper. Whatever it is, Macdows Energy Jan21132 supplies products that meet the client’s demands by collaborating with entrenched suppliers. What underpins the entire service delivered is that there is a continual and ongoing strive for total customer satisfaction through the provision of quality service and constant communication. Top quality products and precision delivery of those products is exactly where Macdows Energy specializes. Its vision, to complement the aforementioned mission, is to be a company that best understands what it means to trade, and emphasizes on working every day with ethical values. Oil and energy is not an industry often associated with the term innovation, but here there is a very different kind of innovation; a desire to constantly improve processes and practices in order to ensure that the client is always getting the best possible service. Innovation aside, Macdows Energy is a firm that deliver exactly what it sets out to. It constantly sources the highest quality products, and works in an ethical manner to ensure that those products make their way to the client in the best condition. The United Arab Emirates and the Middle East has long been a hotbed for oil and energy, and Macdows Energy continues to show exactly why this is. The firm is fully deserving of its success, and if the next four decades are anything like the last four, then Macdows Energy will surely achieve more success in the future. Company: Macdows Energy DMCC Contact: Prateesh Aggarwal Website: