Business Awards 2020

48 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , Most Innovative Digital Marketing Agency - Middle East JWI Advertising JWI Advertising’s innovations in the creativemarketing industry have seen it establish itself all over theworld, with offices in London, Dubai, and Birmingham. It reflects onhowgoing beyond the call of duty has helped it carve out its place. JWI Advertising is a creative marketing agency striving to unify its three approaches to help its clients run effective and seamless campaigns that resonate with their audiences. It has a holistic approach to 360-degree marketing, combining strategy, creativity, and content to realise the visions its clients have in mind. ‘Our creativity is original and disruptive’, its website states, and in this it seeks to be a truly modern and forward-thinking marketing agency. With infinitely detailed and meticulously planned project management, its three-pronged approach brings together the full expertise of its dynamic team to accomplish this, all the while maintaining an attitude of genuine care and respect. It works across a diverse range of industries from FMCG to multinationals and business to business organizations. By serving such a wide range of customers across so many fields, it has accumulated a myriad of people with significant breadth of experience within its ranks, able to translate that varied knowledge from industry to industry. Furthermore, its involvement across so many sectors allows it to see a client’s growth even long after it is finished working with them. Established over two decades ago by CEO John Wilford, it has since earned itself a worldwide client base and a solid reputation as it works towards further pushing the boundaries of marketing. It believes in a mentality of always ‘going beyond’. In everything it does, JWI advertising wants to go the extra mile to serve its customers and the ever-evolving industry it works within. In fostering a positive and collaborative environment with a client, it hopes to develop relationships that will allow years of future work with their organization, as well as further industry contacts resulting from good word of mouth reviews. It is important to JWI Advertising that each member of its team is committed to exceeding client expectations at every level. Due to this prevailing workplace attitude, it attracts creatives and experts who have a passion for creativity in a professional setting, energising an ever-evolving industry. It approaches every task with the attitude that every job is a new adventure, enjoying encouraging fresh talent. Furthermore, it remains a boutique agency despite its exponential growth, and so in every project it seeks to instils exemplary level of personalisation. JWI Advertising has evolved along with its region in terms of growth and development. It is a proud part of the United Arab Emirates sales and marketing sector, recently noticing that the market has been adapting and responding to global trends such as the recent boost to e-commerce, media influencing and lifestyle production. In UAE specifically, where digital marketing yet prevails, more traditional forms still hold their value, showing the importance of staying on top of what trends apply to different regions as well as to the industry globally. In Jan21128 addition, UAE is a melting pot of cultures and perspectives, meaning that JWI Advertising must ensure it can help the client understand their target market in such a way that it will resonate across a wide group of people. This is both a challenge and an opportunity, one that JWI Advertising has proven more than up to the task in managing. Furthermore, through intelligence and tenacity, it has managed to remain abreast of any changes its industry has encountered due to the pandemic: ‘while many aspects still remain out of our control, the one thing we still have control over is the ability to embrace change’. It has been a driving force behind digitization, working on remaining cohesive as a team, and collaborating with its clients to approach advertising with additional empathy and understanding during this difficult period. Internally, it strives to develop a culture of creativity and inspiration. Being able to operate in a team of such driven and varied individuals has made JWI Advertising a true melting pot of ideas and backgrounds that allow each person to fuel another’s energy, so when it comes to hiring new talent, the most important thing to this business is how well the person fits. Work experience and technical skill are, of course, vital – but more than that it looks for a strong stand-out voice that will benefit the team. Its upcoming plans involve continually responding and adapting to the challenges of a post Covid-19 world. Additionally, it will keep growing its presence in the United Arab Emirates, retaining its dedication to quality and creativity all the while. Company: JWI Advertising Contact: Charli Ball Website: