Business Awards 2020

28 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , Most Innovative Small Business 2020 - South Africa Task Interior Styling TASK Interior Styling is an award-winning boutique interiors studio that infuses innovative, luxury design fromacross the globe with the colourful spirit of Africa to create truly unique spaces built around the lifestyles of TASK’s clients. Specialising in unique aesthetics, exquisite décor, and conscientiously selected brand partnerships, TASK brings colourful, joyous life to the residential and corporate spaces of its clients. Based in Johannesburg, TASK Interior Styling is a black female-led boutique studio that is synonymous with decadent interior design. Through meticulous, innovative styling choices, inspired collaborations, and precious elements of décor, the award-winning studio has become a master of feel-good spaces that truly connect with their inhabitants. The studio was established in 2016 by businesswoman and interior stylist, Mali Langa, who grew up surrounded by beautiful pieces and settings and applies her love of these objects to her projects. With a signature style that combines her love affair with luxury, her affinity to colour, travel and the international marketplace, and keen eye for exquisite details, Mali remains constantly inspired by the potential of what a space could be. The result is highly personalised residential and commercial design, with spaces that exude a sublimely modern influence complete with artisanal pieces, and injected with a pop of colour and whimsicality to finish. TASK employs a vigorous process broken down into four steps of Design, Concept Design, Installation and Completion that factors in budgets, timelines and, of course, aesthetics. However, for the TASK team, the curation of a space is about so much more than the way it looks, but about the way it makes its clients feel when they exist in that space. Offering a comprehensive selection of services, TASK offers unparalleled expertise and technical skills in space conceptualisation and remodelling, 3D visualisation, curated sourcing, interior styling, project management services including technical design and budget management, architectural consultations, and an ecommerce site that sells original collections and designs. The website was a long creative process that finally launched in September 2020 and features a signature range of homeware and décor pieces that is growing with the continual addition of new designs and inspiration, making luxury design accessible for all. For Mali, the website is also a fantastic space in which to exhibit the exciting collaborations that TASK thrives on. Indeed, the first signature range is the result of a partnership between Mali, her in-house graphic designers, a reputable local manufacturer of homeware pieces and a street artist named Serge One from Cape Town. To Mali and her team at TASK, the other players in the industry are not competitors, but potential partners with whom they can establish mutually beneficial relationships that will see them each thrive in their specialities. Collaborative projects have resulted in visual results that could never have been achieved solo, presenting the perfect opportunity for leaders of South African design to reach new heights of success individually and collectively. Dec20173 As a result, TASK is so much more than a service for clients, but the trailblazer for collective creativity that will inspire beautiful spaces across the country and beyond. The Mali Langa brand is central to that vision, as the driving force in building a long-lasting empire, which will also serve its community for years to come. Part of the empire consists of the Mali Langa Children’s Foundation ( ) which aims to inspire and aid children through alleviating their living conditions and providing them with the tools to further their education. Like so many others, TASK has had to adapt to the effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, investing heavily in marketing and PR to ensure the brand remained relevant even in lockdown. However, with clients now stuck at home and contemplating the spaces around them, TASK’s expertise and stylish eye remains in high demand. In particular, there has been an increased demand for styling home offices to make them as functional yet beautiful as possible. Mali has published her advice on this trend in various magazines and articles, remaining a present partner in crafting individual spaces. The studio has also had to grow to accommodate its increasing partnerships and maintain its high quality of products and service, but the result is promising evolution for the TASK family, as the focus on the core business of handling projects to facilitate exponential expansion. The shop is also growing, with many more homeware products, decorative art, décor pieces and more becoming available for clients to inject that exquisite and timeless touch of TASK into their own homes. Company: Task Interior Styling Contact: Mali Langa Website: