Business Awards 2020

MEAMARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards 25 , Best Hypnotherapy Coach Specialist 2020 Transformists As a certified hypnotherapist, transformational coach, andmind science specialist, Namraata Gulrajani is one of the best hypnotherapy coaching specialists working in the United Arab Emirates today. Using her wide and varied skillset, Namraata conducts various services in mind therapies and energy healing and takes pride in her work when she sees how beautifully it touches the lives of her clients. We find out more about Namraata’s journey to success, and her role in leading Transformists to success in the MEA Business Awards 2020 fromMEAMarkets Magazine. Therapy is not something to be afraid, ashamed, or worried about. Seeking therapy and getting help with any number of areas in an individual’s life can help enrich their daily experience and bring peace to areas where there was once anxiety, fear and blocks. Perhaps an individual is feeling down, anxious, unsure about the future of a relationship, or simply feeling like they are not living the life they want to. In any of these circumstances and many more, the work of Transformists and Namraata Gulrajani is able to offer support. Ensuring that every client gets what is best for them, Transformists is all about offering therapy as a process of growth and self-discovery, promoting behavioural transformation by encouraging a positive outlook and the adoption of new attitudes and responses. Namraata herself brings a wealth of tools and professional experiences to help her clients get back on track and create a life they desire for themselves. Since graduating in Psychology and then double graduation in Law, Namraata moved to Dubai with her family before starting life as an entrepreneur. As part of her very entrepreneurial background, Namraata co-founded a leading chain of bookstores in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in 1992. Armed with little-to-no capital, she grew the business to more than thirteen outlets in the United Arab Emirates within just a decade. Despite the fact that she was faced with two major financial crises and economic downturn apart from personal crisis, Namraata did not let that keep her down. Instead, she reinvented herself with the tools and techniques that she now uses to help her clients empower themselves to break free of negative, self-sabotaging, and limiting beliefs. Namraata remains as motivated as ever to facilitate people to discover the huge resources inside themselves, and utilize them to lead a more fulfilling life. One of the key ways in which Namraata works at Transformists is by using the power of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon, and is a state of deep relaxation combined with focused concentration. Crucially, it is a state in which critical thinking is much relaxed and selective thinking is maintained. In this state, the subconscious mind is more open and responsive to positive suggestions, thereby facilitating positive change, quicker recovery, and healing processes. Understanding how Transformists’ hypnotherapy works is vital to understanding how the firm has achieved such great success with and through its clients over the years. Namraata understands the necessity to unlock potential within her clients, and empower them to go on and achieve the things that they want to achieve in their own lives. As well as offering hypnotherapy to its clients, Transformists also offers a wide range of other services. These include, but are not limited Dec20427 to, reiki healing, life coaching, neuro linguistic programming, theta healing, cognitive behavioural therapy, family constellations, inner child integration therapy, emotional freedom techniques, and transpersonal regression therapy. Each of these services and therapies does offer something different to each client, as their personal situation is also deeply unique. Transformists does as its name suggests: it transforms lives. Delivering positive change and empowering its clients to pursue the life they want to lead, Transformists is a force for good in the United Arab Emirates. With Namraata at the helm with her commitment to entrepreneurial growth and self-discovery, Transformists is in the best possible hands. Company: Transformists Contact: Namraata Gulrajani Email: [email protected] Website: