Business Awards 2020

20 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , service philosophy that properly balances its own needs for sales with the customers’ needs for assistance. Client service refers to the interactions between a business and customer, and at Alba Cars, the firm ensures that high standards are maintained by ensuring every customer has been thoroughly listened to and taken care of, both prior to and after purchasing a vehicle. The philosophy of Alba Cars also ensures that the customers’ physical safety and financial wellbeing are paramount to anything else. Every pre-owned car that comes through the firm’s doors is met with a team of expert inspectors whose job is to conduct thorough testing, and to filter through cars that meet the high standards of quality and safety. The customers that Alba Cars work with are financially safeguarded at every turn, especially by the two year warranty that comes with every vehicle that is sold. A two year warranty is exceptional for most car dealerships, but is extremely rare when it comes to pre-owned cars in the United Arab Emirates. Clients that buy pre-owned cars from Alba Cars can have total peace of mind when making a purchase, knowing that any future faults will be covered by this outstanding two year warranty cover. With an ever-evolving digital age of working, clients are more entitled to services from the comfort of their own home, including buying a car. To ensure that Alba Cars is up to par, the firm has taken steps to ensure it offers all the information necessary along with high quality photographs and videos of every car on the website, so that the customer can make the decision to buy from the comfort of their own home. Armed with a highly experienced team of marketing professionals, Alba Cars is also in a position to follow market trends and remain a prime example to other aspiring dealerships. The wider region of the Middle East and African market often looks to the United Arab Emirates as a beacon of business, and the used car industry is no different. It is widely known that the United Arab Emirates has paved the way for attracting foreigners to work and live in the region. The United Arab Emirates has also created tremendous opportunity for investors and traders, especially in the automotive sector as cars will generally trade often. There is a lack of technological advancement and government safety regulations within many countries in the MEA, and therefore, people look to the United Arab Emirates to purchase and export vehicles due to their high standards set by the roads and transport authority. There is also a huge demand for vehicles within the United Arab Emirates, as car buyers are aware of the high standards set and maintained. Therefore, many buyers within the MEA region choose travel to the UAE to purchase cars and export them to their own countries. COVID-19 may have had a substantial impact on the world, but the leadership of the UAE has protected investors and residents alike from the worst. This was achieved through mandatory facemasks, exceptional healthcare systems, and direct financial aid to businesses. Alba Cars has played its part too, by further developing the technological side of the business and allowing people to view and purchase cars from the comfort and safety of their own home. This has installed a level of confidence in the residents of the UAE to continue buying and supporting the local economy. Due to COVID-19, all major car manufacturers had to press pause on the production of new vehicles, and companies such as Alba Cars then benefitted from the lack of stock available; it encourages people to buy pre- owned cars at affordable prices. Despite COVID-19 being one of the biggest trends this year, the team at Alba Cars has also noticed other trends permeating the Dubai and UAE spaces. For instance, the Dubai government has created several initiatives for companies that are aiming to develop a strong digital presence. One of those smart initiatives included becoming paperless in 2021, as well as the smart government campaigns which provide as much convenience as possible to every customer. This year, the UAE has introduced new laws that promote quality of human life and peace within the region. As a result, this has made the UAE more attractive to major investors, professionals, and foreign tourists alike. The country’s tremendous growth has given it a clear advantage to win the EXPO 2020, which will now be held in 2021 due to COVID-19. This event, which is expected to attract more than twenty five million visitors, will play a major role in the economic development and recovery of Dubai following the virus. On top of that, foreigners can now own 100% of their businesses, which acts as an incentive for foreign investors to put big money into the UAE. The leadership has introduced a new law that allows full ownership of a business without the need for a local sponsor. In addition to this, residents can now opt for a ten year visa, in a bid to encourage long-term plans and investments. The following changes were particularly pertinent for the company, and they all impact the number of people who come to the region and increase the income levels of residents. This, in turn, will mean a boost to the car industry. However, with so many opportunities for the used car market to thrive and grow, how will Alba Cars continue to make sure that it stands out amongst the competition? Firstly, Alba Cars offers an extensive line of value-added services. These range from providing finance facilities, to accessories, offering warranties, and service contracts. Alba Cars also appreciates that buying a car is a major investment. Therefore, the firm ensures that the quality of advertisement, photos, and videos on the website are all up to par. As has already been mentioned, the MEA region does not have a great track record