Business Awards 2020

14 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , Most Innovative Digital Marketing Company - South Africa When it comes to digital marketing, theMedia Crowd team consists of some of the best in the business. With the ability to offer a full-service business solution, it’s little wonder that they’ve achieved such success. We take a closer look at the firm, the values that have driven it forward and how these values have impacted how the teamhas operated during the last year. Digital marketing agencies thrive on being able to operate in different sectors. What sets them apart is their core values, the driving force behind each decision made. For the team at The Media Crowd, innovation and initiative bind the company together and allow them to achieve what many others cannot. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re from when you’re working with The Media Crowd. The team will create innovative solutions to meet your specific needs while keeping you within budget. Whether it’s insurance, education, or even the technology sector, they believe that they succeed when you succeed. Completing every project with enthusiasm, passion, and determination is part and parcel of The Media Crowd experience. It is why it is easy for them to maintain such high standards. To the team at The Media Crowd, the MEA region is a wealth of opportunity. Many new businesses and industries are developing, and entrepreneurship is booming. In South Africa, many companies had to adapt to technology as the region was subjected to one of the world’s strictest COVID lockdowns. Watching how these firms have tackled the various changes has been genuinely inspiring. The Media Crowd has played a part in ensuring the success of some of these businesses. The team has built apps and systems and has utilised strategies to help companies to connect with new and existing clients and grow during these trying times. With more businesses looking to the solutions that online marketing can provide, there has been a rapid growth in industries offering the services in which The Media Crowd excels. The increase in competition during this challenging time has allowed the team members to demonstrate why they have become such an impressive force within the industry. They have found innovative ways to meet their KPIs, creating systems and processes where they didn’t exist to help customers to the fullest extent. Remote working has become a necessity during these difficult times, but the Media Crowd team had the capacity for this long before the pandemic. Easing into the various restrictions brought about by the virus was not a massive challenge, which ensured that the team didn’t dip in productivity. Other businesses that may have maintained a more traditional attitude would have struggled, but thanks to The Media Crowd’s agile and light approach, this is a team that hasn’t stopped at all. It’s fair to say that this is a credit to the value of innovation that pushes the company forward. While specializing in marketing, the team offers a wealth of different services to support businesses in finding new ways to expand. The team can build apps, develop systems and processes, do in-depth market research and create and execute business strategies to help clients meet their goals in terms of growing their businesses. What is on offer is a step beyond simple marketing and far into the realm of holistic business support. Whether a company is scaling up or down, generating leads, moving to a new region or becoming more efficient and increasing productivity, The Media Crowd can assist. One of the team’s most significant successes at The Dec20236 Media Crowd is the app that they have developed for soccer enthusiasts. The sport has an impressive following in South Africa, and Soccer101 is designed to act as a hub for fans of the sport. As the brainchild of CEO Darren Biddlecombe, it has taken on a new significance during the recent crisis. With people forced to adhere to social distancing, this is a place where people can connect and interact. Packed with the latest news, fixtures, stats and including a prediction game with great prizes, it’s clear that The Media Crowd has another astonishing hit on its hands. The team has also invested in internal systems to a significant degree. The Media Crowd boasts its own lead generation systems that it’s implementing with clients. These tools have been unbelievably successful so far, and there are plans to make these systems available to other companies in the future as part of the standard package. Every company is made by its staff’s talent, and the team members at The Media Crowd are some of the best in the business. All who work at the firm love what they do and have the