Business Awards 2020

12 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , breast augmentation that are on offer. Such is the excellence offered by Dr Sandy Medical Spa that it actually became the first company to receive the honour and certification to solely distribute large volume body fillers in Africa. As well as ensuring that every patient receives the best service and the signature treatments, Dr Sandra herself also trains other medical practitioners in the performance of non-surgical body contouring procedures. As a whole, the clinic prides itself on being able to perform reconstructive treatments to motor vehicle accident clients or surgical patients that are dissatisfied with the results. Since its inception and the growth of its service, there has been a core philosophy that has underpinned every service and every procedure that is administered to patients. The philosophy behind client service is one of a holistic approach to clients. Dr Sandy Medical Spa does not entirely revolve around enhancing the external beauty of clients, but rather, it tackles the psychological issues behind each client that seems to struggle with self-confidence. Dr Sandra and her team deal with the internal health clients as well as their external beauty. As a key example, the large number of HIV-positive people who are unaware of their diagnosis can access world-leading counselling through the work of Dr Sandy Medical Spa. There are women who have been abused to such an extent that they arrive at the clinic for reconstructive treatments to mask the physical signs, but it is the internal signs that can be just as damaging. Dr Sandra and her team help where they can with any and all needs a client may have. Working with such individuals often requires that the team is kept up to date with the latest developments in best practices and procedures. Alongside the already high standards that the clinic has, it also maintains that same standard of service by making sure that each member of the team has continuous learning experiences. These could educational from attending various aesthetic medicine congresses and conferences, or practical in administering the most advanced cardiovascular life skills, and practical training from companies that provide aesthetic products. Since opening her clinic, Dr Sandra has also obtained her Surgical Skills certificate, and has received advanced training from the award-winning Aptos threat company amongst many other certificates and certifications. When working in an ever- changing, evolving, and growing industry, staying on top of changes is absolutely imperative. Dr Sandy Medical Spa believes in advancing together with the constantly changing industry by attending training courses that are held on the international stage. Despite the excellence that the clinic has displayed using local knowledge, the international training courses that are available have access to different and more advanced aesthetic procedures. By learning these advanced techniques and procedures, Dr Sandy Medical Spa is able to ensure that it employs highly skilled and talented personnel that pride themselves on always learning new things for the betterment of their patients’ lives. If the cat eye is the new trend, then Dr Sandy Medical Spa will stop at nothing to obtain the skill necessary to perform the procedure for those that want it. International advanced aesthetics and procedures may be an area that the clinic focuses its energy, but there is reason aplenty why South Africa is a place that needs to benefit from the work that aesthetic medicine and medicine in general can do for people. South Africa is one of the top countries in the world that is infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. Therefore, in dealing with aesthetic procedures, the clinic can find itself hiring general practitioners that actually have diplomas in treating the former two diseases. South Africa is also home to some of the highest numbers of unemployed individuals and low socioeconomic status, which equates to a high crime rate. As a company, Dr Sandy Medical Spa has had to spend a significant amount of money on security whilst also not turning patients away who need and want a treatment. Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has played a hugely significant role in 2020, it has not interfered with the service provided by Dr Sandy Medical Spa. During the lockdown period in South Africa, the clinic was able to instead conduct virtual consultations with its prospective patients, and its clients were patient enough to book and pay for some of their procedures in advance. Being a medical practice first and foremost, Dr Sandy Medical Spa was also well equipped with personal protective equipment for when it was allowed to open once more. Staying ahead in maintaining protocols to protect both the healthcare workers and the clients during treatments has always been imperative, but the clinic has taken it to new levels with the increase of virus activity over the last twelve months and more. However, COVID-19 has not stopped the world of aesthetic medicine in any way, shape, or form. There have still been prevalent trends that have emerged with more people spending time at home looking in the mirror and being on social media. One of the areas of the industry that has not seen much change in the last twelve months has been the regulatory and legislative side of the industry. Developments have been few and far between, especially ones that have dramatically affected the market or the business of Dr Sandy Medical Spa, save for COVID-19 of course. In the world of aesthetic medicine though, there is no cessation to the evolution and trends that continue to be seen all over the world and social media. There are a number of top trends that have been a key thing to watch for the clinic, and they have set about pursuing them in the best possible ways Just a handful of the top trends includes the non-surgical facelifts, foxy cat eye lifts, non-surgical rhinoplasty, and non-surgical body contouring procedures. All of these, and more, are procedures that Dr Sandy Medical Spa has sought to advance and integrate into what it already offers. The non-surgical facelifts are achieved by using less invasive procedures that utilize threads that are specifically designed for aesthetic usage. Dr Sandra was trained by three different thread lifting companies, and this education has equipped her with the skills and knowledge to use the product that is required in each unique client. Other procedures, such as the foxy cat eye lift procedure, ensures results are obtained using minimally invasive thread lifts. Non-surgical rhinoplasty using threads has been proven to be safer than the injectables, and non-surgical body contouring procedure like the breast enhancement have already been pioneered by clinics such as Dr Sandy Medical Spa. For all its excellence, Dr Sandy Medical Spa continues to stand out from the competition in a myriad of ways. The clinic’s premises allow for complete privacy for its clients, and the healthcare professionals understand better than most the needs of the niche market that they serve. Dr Sandy Medical Spa performs procedures that are not available in other aesthetic practices in South Africa, such as the non-surgical buttock and hip enlargement using fillers, and the clients really appreciate the homely and welcoming ambience that the team have created. Looking to the future, the clinic is aiming to buy more equipment in order to provide more services to the clients that are coming in every day. Expanding the premises is also included in future plans, especially with a focus on permitting larger groups of doctors to come in and receive the training they need from Dr Sandra herself. Ultimately, the world of aesthetic medicine is one that is constantly evolving, changing, and adapting