Business Awards 2019

6 MEA MARKETS / 2019MEA Business Awards , working on a matchless number of projects across both Qatar and the remainder of the MENA region. Providing a full range of quantity surveying and cost management services, every project that Northcroft Middle East work on is handled from project conceptualisation, right the way through to completion, operation, and disposal. In order to achieve this level of project management, the firm employs a series of techniques and methodologies refined over years of specialisation. Through innovative digital cost management services and other modern surveying techniques that the industry has developed, Northcroft Middle East can help clients make full use of the most accurate and timely cost analysis at any stage of the design process. Whether that be during construction or post-construction, the firm strives to offer a full service from the beginning of the process until its end. For those clients who are looking to enlist the firm’s services during a project, Northcroft Middle East can also work as traditional quantity surveyors, helping to estimate quantity take- offs, cost plans, and updates throughout every stage of the design development. It is this commitment to nothing less than total excellence that has seen the firm establish and cement long-standing relationships with trusted partners, built on firm foundations. The requirements of any given construction or engineering project can change from one day to the next. Mr. Locks talked us through the benefits of Northcroft Middle East being involved with a project from the beginning, and at every level. “We believe that the construction and engineering industry is a process, a process that changes on a daily basis. By being intrinsically involved at site and project level, we are able to adapt to any beneficial industry specific developments and ensure that these are implemented in a manner that benefits our client’s objectives.” Across the more-than-forty years of the company’s history, Northcroft Middle East has been involved in some of the most magnificent construction projects that both Qatar and the UAE have seen. Not simply outstanding in terms of their magnificence, the firm has also demonstrated the breadth of its talent and ability to work on projects that are radically different from one another. To examine but a few, the firm has worked on projects that range from racing and equestrian clubs in Al Rayyan, Qatar, to five-star luxury hotels in Dubai, UAE. The last twelve months of construction development in the Middle East has seen the evolution and implementation of public-private partnership (PPP) projects. By involving the private sector in the financing, building, and operating of state assets to deliver public services, innovation was shown at the highest level. Yet, for all the plan’s good intentions, it has run into stumbling blocks along the way. Investors in particular, are increasingly unable to predict long-term future income and are more unwilling to invest. They are more wary than ever before and the unpredictability of construction risks, especially with major infrastructure schemes, has made things unclear and uncertain. In spite of this, Northcroft Middle East has an enviable and unique selling point to help construction firms and oversee major developments across the Middle East. Having been established in the region for more than forty four years, the firm boasts an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the markets, the clients, and their objectives. For Mr Locks, the importance of this knowledge when taking the firm to the next level of success. “We have a comprehensive and detailed fundamental knowledge of the civil law, its application within construction law, the principles and pit falls of contracting in the region, and administering projects, whether commercially or contractually. Our range of services are provided by experts in their field, and we are driven by our clients success. Without which we would not be in business today.” Currently, the entirety of the Middle East is experiencing challenges, both politically and economically. The construction sector has suffered at the hands of rising geopolitical tensions in the region, as well as lower oil prices. Despite the changes and tensions however, the market in the region has managed to remain both buoyant and optimistic for the future. As a result of the challenges, the industry has had to change and grow in order to address them. Northcroft Middle East has had to remain swift in its adaptation and evolution, ensuring that it continues to maintain annual growth in spite of the challenges the industry continues to face. Despite the changes that have come and gone for the construction industry across the Middle East, the position of Northcroft Middle East has remained unchanged. As a leader in the industry, the necessity for remaining at the forefront of developments is stronger than ever before. However, rather than take on board all the developments for themselves, the team at the firm share and impart that knowledge with the industry as a whole to facilitate further growth and development. This can take the form of preparing, delivering, and sharing any innovations within bespoke training workshops that are designed to educate and impart knowledge. Just as changes have come and gone for the construction industry in the Middle East, so will they continue to do so for Northcroft Middle East. With multiple incredibly exciting ventures on the horizon for the firm, there has never been a better time to plan for expansion. The team has recently implemented procedures to establish an office within the neighbouring Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which would also house business development managers responsible for projects in Jordan. The firm is also continuing discussions with key partners in both Lebanon and Syria to eventually implement effective operations in both countries. Moving westward, Northcroft Middle East has also sought to establish key talks regarding certain projects that would allow the firm to enter the market in Africa. By engaging with stakeholders to look at the most effective strategies, the firm’s plans are still in motion, but exciting nonetheless. Likewise, the firm also has visions for growth into Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, where there is a demand for the firm’s expertise and services. Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, Northcroft Middle East is finalising the terms and conditions of formalizing the Northcroft International Group. Operating as a global body, the new entity would see the amalgamation of all independent international offices under one banner to increase worldwide presence and capabilities. As the firm enters a new decade, the possibilities are greater than ever before, and 2020 is sure to be yet another fantastic year for Northcroft Middle East. Ultimately, the work of Northcroft Middle East has given rise to some of the region’s most imposing, magnificent structures. However, it has also paved the way for some of its most luxurious and opulent, ensuring that cities such as Doha and Dubai continue to attract some of the biggest and best talent in the world today. Drawing on a wealth of experience and expertise accrued over more than 130 years, the future for Northcroft Middle East looks brighter than ever. 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