Business Awards 2019

16 MEA MARKETS / 2019MEA Business Awards , In an industry like aviation, it pays to keep on top of developments, and you certainly don’t operate for eighty eight years without paying close attention to where the industry is going. This gift of foresight is one that the leadership of EgyptAir continues to show today, keen to demonstrate the company ability to be innovative and forward-thinking. Those looking to travel with EgyptAir have the advantage of luxurious Boeing 787 Dreamliners to look forward to on long-haul trips, with various combinations of modern airbuses for shorter journeys across the continent. Luckily, the British market will have a share from these new additions, as Dreamliners will be operating every weekend from London Heathrow starting 3rd April 2020. In addition to this, EgyptAir has added a number of new operations to the current destinations such as Douala Cameroon, Kigali Rwanda, Hangzhou China and Washington. One of the ways in which EgyptAir remains a trendsetter is in its membership with global aviation industry agreement, Star Alliance. As the first member from an Arab country, the Northern African airline was a pioneer within the industry. As the 21st member of the group, it joined such luminaries as United Airlines, Lufthansa and Air Canada. Becoming a member of the group has proven mutually beneficial for both parties. Star Alliance have gained an important hub in Cairo that helps to open the gateway to Africa, EgyptAir Airline of the Year 2019 - Northern Africa It is not about the destination, it is about the journey. With EgyptAir, the journey is guaranteed to be smooth, swift and sleek. Not an upstart in the industry, EgyptAir has been around for nearly ninety years and brings the experience necessary to ensure a safe and happy flight. In the light of its award-winning success, we take a look at this long-lasting company to find out more. Formed in 1932 and beginning operations in 1933, EgyptAir has been the subject of extraordinary growth. Based out of the cosmopolitan city of Cairo, the firm has proudly risen to the top spot of Airline of the Year in Northern Africa. Serving more than seventy airports in almost fifty countries, this steadfast company still holds a great deal of potential, managing to be self-financed despite its state-ownership. With flights that cover many different locations, the primary mission of EgyptAir is to create value for customer, employees, owners and stakeholders alike. It aims to achieve this goal by combining the delivery of competitive customer service with a true Egyptian spirit of welcome and inclusivity, reflecting its culture as a nationwide melting pot. Providing this service means maintaining a consistent focus on customers, both those who are being served and those who have yet to be. Regardless of each customer’s place in the system, EgyptAir will always strive to do its best for those interested in flying. It also means ensuring that there is a profitable relationship between revenues and costs, with an eye to keeping profits on the rise. Of course, both of these factors are a result of staff rising to the occasion. Every single member of staff is motivated to not only provide the best care for their customers, but to also do so with an uncompromising delivery of the utmost professionalism. Dec19343 whilst EgyptAir has taken on a new level of global recognition, thanks to a clear demonstration of the high standards to which Star Alliance-affiliated airlines must adhere. A recent attempt to bring the business in line with modern expectations took place in the first half of 2019. The main organization of EgyptAir suddenly became the subject of a merger between itself, EgyptAir Express, EgyptAir Cargo, and EgyptAir Ground Services Company. The result brought all the airplane infrastructure under one united umbrella organization, courtesy of a decision made by the government. The intention was to ensure that all paying customers would receive a more fluid, effective, and better-managed service on an institutional level. In terms of sustainability, EgyptAir has an ambitious environmental plan for the future. The goal for 2020 and beyond, is to set in motion fleet modernization that would see aircrafts using twenty percent less fuel. Not only would this replace older planes and outdated methods, it would enable customers to fly on more environmentally-friendly aircraft when travelling. Having received six Boeing 787s and seven Airbus 220s in 2019 alone, and being set to receive another five Airbus 220s and eight Airbus 320s by the end of 2020, the company is well on its way to having a positive environmental impact. Earning its spot as North Africa’s premier airline, it is no wonder that EgyptAir continues to go from strength to strength in the aviation industry. It has been a long road, and not all of it has been easy for the veteran airline company, but now it is able to draw on eighty eight years of history and experience to reach new heights as it draws ever closer to the coveted one hundredth anniversary. Following this latest success in MEA Markets magazine, the future certainly looks bright for this high- flying company. Company: EgyptAir Web: