Business Awards 2019

14 MEA MARKETS / 2019MEA Business Awards , astounding, and indicators clearly validate an upward-sloping competitive intensity. In 2016, Al-Recardo General Trading & Contracting Company signed a 20-year Master Franchise Agreement with Gold’s Gym International. The firm’s reason for choosing this iconic brand is the unrivaled history of Gold’s Gym as one of the only health and fitness brands in the world with over 50 years of experience in the industry. More specifically, Gold’s Gym has set the standards of the industry and still today sustains its global industry-leadership. Whilst the Gold’s Gym systems has certainly helped to differentiate Al-Recardo General Trading & Contracting Company in all aspects pertaining to facility management and customer services, the business has decided to push the boundaries further in terms of both the space Al-Recardo General Contracting Company Best Wellness, Health & Fitness Company - Middle East Fitness, andmaintaining fitness, plays an increasingly important role in the world we live in, with health in every respect beingmore andmore valued. Leading the industry forward are businesses like Gold’s Gym, literally setting a gold standard that applies across borders. As the franchise continues to expand into new territories, we catch up with this offshoot to discover the secret of its success. The global growth in the number and offerings of health and fitness facilities is a reliable indicator of an evident megatrend. Not until recent years were fitness enthusiasts offered such an array of choices, price points, and customized offerings. Whilst demand is certainly high for the health and fitness industry at large, the competitive landscape is not as spacious as it used to be a decade ago. Currently, health facilities compete in the spectrum of programs offered, training equipment, qualified personnel, nutritional programs, personalized training tables, rehabilitation programs and consultation, and a plethora of products and services that have to be at pace with the latest advancement in science and technology. In other words, the dynamism of the industry is Nov19511 and the equipping of the facility. Which is where the Gold’s Gym Kuwait (GGK) facility comes in. The Gold’s Gym Kuwait (GGK) facility has an area that exceeds the 4,000 square meter mark and is fully equipped to serve members with differing fitness levels and goals. In addition to this, the facility is also open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate members who have particular working hours, such as police officers and firefighters. It is no secret that Al-Recardo General Contracting Company’s commitment to excellence earned them the most prestigious award that any Gold’s Gym franchisee could earn: The Best International Gold’s Gym Award for Community Engagement for the year 2019. It is also worthy to note that the same facility was nominated for “The Best International New Gold’s Gym Award” for the year 2016. By extending their knowledge and services beyond the confines of the facility’s walls to reflects their sublime goal of servicing their community; the team at Al-Recardo General Contracting Company believe that business acumen and communal responsibility go hand in hand. Activities such as these help the firm in playing a role in the Gold’s Gym legacy, whilst living their core values, and fulfilling their commitment to their members and the society at large. If you were to ask a member of the Al-Recardo General Contracting Company team to unveil the secrets behind their phenomenal success, then they would encapsulate it in one word: passion. For instance, the team are passionate about working on the Gold’s Gym Kuwait ladies only (GGKL) facility, which would be operative by the end of Q1. Confident in saying that the ladies facility will a quantum leap in the industry, Al-Recardo General Contracting Company certainly hope that their members would enjoy the vast range of services that will be available for them to choose from. The new facility, similar to their current one, will radiate the company’s passion for both the industry and the brand. Ultimately, the team at Al- Recardo General Contracting Company sincerely hope that the passion they have would inspire their members to achieve not only their fitness goals, but also their personal ones as well. This, they believe, would be the ultimate goal for the business. Company: Al-Recardo General Contracting Company Contact: Abbas Said | General Manager Web: