Business Awards 2018

14 MEA MARKETS / 2018MEA Business Awards , Asqalan Construction and Development LLC Asqalan Construction and Development LLC: Best Construction Company 2018 - UAE Nov18575 Asqalan Construction and Development LLC has a rich and varied history, which has helped to cement its reputation as one of the leading construction companies in the UAE today. Having recognised the firm in the 2018MEA Business Awards, we profile it to find out more. Asqalan Construction and development was founded in 1994, a totally specialized building construction company, which is currently operating in all the seven emirates of the UAE. Asqalan have established a steady growth through the years even at the time of the recession by maintaining its yearly growth without hesitation. Over the years Asqalan have developed and is currently a full equipped construction company. As a result, Asqalan does not out source any of its major activities. Asqalan is a full house construction company with specialties in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services. Asqalan also has its own line for Aluminium and Wood manufacturing that is well known and valued by its clients. The firm now has full service capabilities to be a single source for all its construction projects. The firm takes pride in offering our customers the best quality service and value for their investment. To ensure excellence for its clients, Asqalan follows the completion of each project with a quality evaluation session to ensure constant growth. Overall, Asqalan today stands with a dependent work force of more than 250 staff employees and more than 2000 labors. Looking ahead, the firm will continue to adapt and enhance its service offering and grow even further over the years to come. The company is determined to remain a client-focused company, always listening and learning to ensure that clients remain its top priority. Company: Asqalan Construction and Development LLC Contact: Khalil Oudah Website: