African Excellence Awards 2022

African Excellence Awards 2022 28 “WE don’t rise to the level of our goals , we fall to the level of our systems “ This is the guiding philosophy of the leadership training provided by Transcend For Human Development, an Egyptian training and consulting agency servicing over 25,000 students from 15 countries. Here we take a closer look at Transcend as it wins this prestigious award. ranscend For Human Development is a training and consulting organisation focused on transforming the workspace and its clients, all the way to changing individual clients’ personal lives. Its focus is on corporate and personal revolution with minimum discomfort and for maximum growth. Transcend works closely with its clients, as their success is its success. It provides the most up-to-date learning systems, contents, and transformational platforms. In fact, it is the only company (in Egypt and the Middle East) combining its specific techniques and behavioural approaches in its workshops, training, and coaching programs. Its workshops are dominated by system thinking and behavioural psychology; Transcend uses various industry tools and processes to provide the most well-rounded approach to client transformation. Amongst these is the Enneagram of transformation ..Transcend is the only company in egypt and Middle East that combine the enneagram of transformation with the enneagram of process in their leadership programs. Another supporting tool is its MRPI (Multi Rated Personality Inventory.) This psychometric assessment measures the relationship between self-esteem, competencies, and communication styles. Itemising the many tools and practices that Transcend wields would fill many more pages, but that is a testament to its commitment to its goals of renovation and assistance. With so much expertise at its fingertips, Transcend is aware that there is never a one size fits all solution for people. As such, it has a significant focus on customisation and flexibility and ensuring its offerings are tailored to service its clients in the most beneficial ways. It focuses on best understanding the nature and personas of the individual clients, predicating its offerings’ adaptation to best inspire. In more specific terms, meeting with a client will first work to understand the client’s and their organisation system and structure. Working together to map out how everything within the organisation functions before working out the next steps. Following this initial assessment, things move a bit deeper – it analyses its clients’ objectives and understands the current issues and possible ways to help them overcome the challenges, problems, and roadblocks that prevent them from reaching the desired goal. This is where many of Transcend’s tools and psychological work come in, understanding everything on a wider and personal level to form a picture of how things are, how things could be and what steps need to be taken to reach that point. The last step in this system is all about those next steps. Known as an “Objective Strategy and Tactics,” the OST is crafted in conjunction with the client; Transcend and the client will be side by side discussing what needs to be done and how to do so in ways that are within the client’s means whilst aiding in efficiently achieve their goals. For everyone involved, especial ly Transcend, this has translated into incredible success. Transcend’s system successful ly explains the WHY of human behaviours and the ‘bl ind spots’ people face in l ife. By providing ways to deal with them, Transcend inspires broad and specific changes to increase productivity and motivation, and empower relationships. Its only true objective is to provide value. Transcend ensures that al l its team members are al igned with this objective, and these shared bel iefs help it , and its staff do their best work. It hires those willing to expand their capabilities with great flexibility and resilience. It starts, retains, supports, and develops the best-talented people and provides continuous training, weekly meetings, and delegates to support their growth and motivation. For example, all of its consultants, coaches and business managers undergo a nine-month training program to prepare them for its specific system and the creation of viable solutions. It maximises the return on investment of its workshops, courses, and projects by providing its clients with Mobile apps and LMS to increase the teams’ productivity and knowledge retention. It is even launching its coaches and consultant portal to assist the community in choosing suitable coaches. Currently, Transcend’s projects involve in several organisations in the real estate, pharmaceutical, telecommunication and educational services sectors. Its transmogrifying projects are far-reaching yet tailored, providing service well worth the title of Best Leadership Development Training Programme in Egypt. Contact: Islam Abokandil Company: Transcend For Human Development Web Address: T Best Leadership Development Training Programme – Egypt