African Excellence Awards 2022

African Excellence Awards 2022 25 Access to education has improved worldwide over the last few decades, and not just domestically – travelling abroad for education has become increasingly common. This is where TG Marchnata TGM Education comes in. It is the leading International Education Agency with over 25 years of professional student placement and visa counselling service experience. Here we look at how it has made such a name for itself. With over 25 years of professional student placement and visa counselling service experience, TG Marchnata (TGM Education) is a leading International Education Agency in Nigeria. It represents and places students into A-Level, Foundation, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD degree programs worldwide at top and world-ranked institutions. The focus of TGM Education is to provide African families with access to excellent experiences in education, wherever these experiences may be. TGM Education is the best study abroad agency in Nigeria, and it has built an extensive network to support its practices. It works mainly with education establishments in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. TGM Education provides counselling and support services to prospective students and their families, leveraging its ever-growing and winning network of students and universities to ensure success. Its works with passion, dedication, and teamwork – building new opportunities through a relentless commitment to superb customer service and first-rate product quality and reliability. Its employees, clients, and institutional partners work together to reach TGM Education’s entire mission of global change. It has dedicated itself to improving internationally tested skill sets, world-class training, and workforce development of individuals. To facilitate this, it provides top-quality career counselling, student placement opportunities, and educational services with top-quality customer service solutions. It also ensures applicants remain in the friendliest atmosphere possible, fostering change and global good for its students and the world. It offers its clients free, impartial counselling and guidance – including a free document-checking service on topics related to applications across the world. Beyond these services, applicants who reach out to TGM Education are opening themselves up to the organisation’s 300 partner schools across the planet. Said applicants are also helped by securing student visas and subsidised flight costs for all students travelling abroad. As of 2022, TGM Education has helped over 7650 applicants succeed in their journeys abroad. Each applicant begins from that first counselling session, where TGM Educations’ highly trained and educated counsellors start working with them. They actively assist and support applicants through every step of the process by gaining an in-depth understanding of the applicant’s wants and needs – with a goal-based focus. This dedication to doing the right thing by its applicants is one of TGM Education’s strongest points. By providing applicants with all the knowledge to make an informed decision that will benefit them – and the workforce as a whole – and actively supporting students through them, TGM Education stands out as the premier service. With thousands of successful applicants taking advantage of its network, its award for Study Abroad Agency of the Year 2022 in West Africa comes as no surprise. The multi-award-winning organisation has done incredible good for students and families across Nigeria – and will do even more in the future. Contact: Ochuware Ebiai Company: TGM Education Web Address: Study Abroad Agency of the Year 2022 – West Africa