African Excellence Awards 2022

African Excellence Awards 2022 20 Joyce Ametor Kporvie founded Incio BD Co Ltd with the belief that food is medicine that nourishes the soul. A business development company, it seeks to strengthen the capacity of producers, exporters, and buyers to participate in more sustainable production and trade. ncio BD Co’s mission is to offer food products of superior quality and value, with the intention of creating a natural trust between itself and its cherished customers. It also works to promote growth, innovation, productivity, and revenue for small businesses through improvements to their business administration. It product offering comes through the cultivating of crops in the form of coconuts, maize, chillies, okra, and ginger. Believing in value addition, Incio BD Co processes ginger into unadulterated powder which gives food a spicy taste and contributes to the health needs of the consumer. Indeed, an important focus of Incio BD Co is satisfying the needs of the consumer, including the growing interest of people in whole foods and plant-based eating. Therefore, it offers a new line of product that is orange fleshed sweet potato flour. With an increase in consumers seeking gluten-free foods, the company is using alternative starches including sweet potato. Incio BD Co’s top-notch products and service are achieved through research, the use of modern tools and technologies with appropriate practices according to a given site, and situation focusing on the importance of food safety. Its core values and beliefs are centred around safety and respect for customers and employees, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for its workers, which makes a difference in their performance. This amounts to customer satisfaction, which is the key to business success. By understanding the customer and their needs, it can provide them with the best products and services. This is topped off by excellent customer service with the aim of making them feel valued and giving them complete confidence in its products. And the company is showing no signs of stopping, continuing with its dedication to providing only the very best products and service. As a result, it has an inevitably bright future ahead of it, with Joyce sharing, “Our firm would like to aggregate most exportable commodities from farmers in the rural communities who do not have market. These would help reduce postharvest losses and also increase the foreign exchange earnings of our economy. We would also go into rice production and processing.” Additionally, Incio BD Co would like to partner with investors who are interested in supporting and scaling up production and processing of orange fleshed sweet potato to unlock the full potential and fill the gap of the global wheat crisis due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Please get in touch with Joyce Ametor Kporvie by email for more information and to get involved. Company: Inicio BD Co Ltd Contact: Joyce Ametor Kporvie Email: [email protected] Website: I Agripreneur of the Year - Ghana