MEA Markets African Excellence Awards 2018

MEAMARKETS / 2018 African Excellence Awards 9 Mac & More Solutions is not shielded from the impact of globalisation. Consumers can source their products from almost anywhere in the world. It means we are competing in the global stage where only the best can thrive. “Our approach at Mac & More Solutions is to focus on providing excellent support services. The support component is more detached from the impact of globalisation. When you buy a device you want assurance that if anything goes wrong you can get quick solutions. You need to know that a faulty device will not jeopardise your operations seeing how much we have become device dependent both for business and personal needs. “In dealing with a young population that may not be economically empowered Mac & More Solutions offers a trade in option which allows young people to access Apple products at a price entry point within their reach. We also ensure online service delivery whereby clients can order for devices and get them delivered regardless of their location. Similarly, devices that require repair or maintenance can be collected, repaired and delivered from anywhere in the region. Globalisation is to us more of an opportunity and less of a challenge.” Looking to the future, Mac & More is approaching a milestone anniversary, and is keen to build upon the success it has achieved over the past two decades, as Benson proudly concludes. “As Mac & More approaches its 20th anniversary we are acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities ahead. We are operating in a fast changing space where change is the only constant thing. We will continue to reimagine, reengineer and reinvent ourselves to ensure we remain relevant. Mac & More Solutions will continue to serve the current target market. However, how we do that will continue to evolve in line with changing consumer behaviour. Our focus is to increase and strengthen our online presence. We want to reach a point where we can offer most of our products and services online. This will ensure we are neither limited by space nor by time in service delivery. We will also continue expanding the trade in option to ensure the young people can access our products and those that need to upgrade can do so at reduced costs. This also helps us to play a role in sustainable development by reducing electronic waste. “Mac & More will continue to engage more partners to ensure we have a wide and robust range of products and service that speaks best to the changing needs of our clients. Our philosophy is underpinned by the desire to always listen to our customers and address their needs. We know that when a business stops listening it starts leaving. We therefore offer an irrevocable guarantee that for as long as needs exist, solutions will always be within reach.”