MEA Markets African Excellence Awards 2018

MEAMARKETS / 2018 African Excellence Awards 13 success, with its greatest achievement being able to contribute in a small way to the economic growth of Kenya. Internally, the leadership team at Paksons have cultivated a thriving working environment which sees staff excited to come to work and motivated to do their best for customers and clients. Within the company, the team maintain an environmentally friendly and healthy work ethic, whilst the quality focused culture ensures genuine team spirit. The highest priority is placed on the safe use, handling and efficiency of all its products, safety of our customers, quality of data supporting regulatory submissions and interactions with our stakeholders. To ensure that staff are perfectly equipped to provide the best service to farmers, the company has embraced mentorship programs through team building and capacity building activities in an aim to boost teamwork, and the subsequent team ethic has seen staff dedicated to achieving the best result for each other. Moreover, the company has been able to work closely with input suppliers through partnerships to facilitate staff training which boosts on product knowledge and therefore increase in sales over time. Currently, Africa is home to seven of the ten fastest growing economies in the world, and is becoming one of the most desirable investment destinations, something which has led to widespread optimism amongst many companies in the region, including Paksons Enterprises. However, there are an assortment of new regulations and legislations which are affecting business, and are set to transform the business landscape in a positive light. The first of these new regulations is that the new company law allows a single person to form a company, which is in contrast to the earlier legislation that required at least two directors. Furthermore, private companies may not have to hold annual general meetings under the new law, which allows them to file resolutions only, and their public counterparts will, however, be compelled to hold AGMs. Lastly, the companies Act, the Insolvency Act and the Special Economic Zones Act, the Business Registration Service, the Companies and Insolvency Legislation (Consequential Amendments) Act 2015 were signed into law. With Kenya being able to thrust itself further into the limelight, and with the help of other organisations across the region, the African Corporate landscape looks to be the perfect place for Paksons Enterprises to launch itself to the top of the industry. With the help of organisations such as Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) and Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), the interests of the people involved in business are protected, and therefore enabled Paksons Enterprises to adopt around and work towards meeting its goals and objectives despite the challenges. Looking to always improve its services, Paksons Enterprises is eager and open to funding opportunities which will enable the firm to achieve its goals of changing the cause of humanity in providing sufficient food in every Kenyan home, and indeed on the continent and eventually the world arena. The team believe that if people are able to feed themselves, then they can feed the world. Ultimately, finding the right customers in the African business market can be a time- consuming process. Being such a large continent, with as many as 53 countries, marketing one’s products and services in African business markets is indeed a challenging task. However, the team at Paksons Enterprises predict a bright future for the business, as they are in the best possible position and industry to capitalise on the predicted developments. This will require the innovative team to adapt to any advances in the region, but being a company brimming with expertise, Paksons Enterprises are in the perfect position to adapt in this regard. UA180081 Company: Paksons Enterprises Ltd Address: P.O. Box 174 - 20200, John Kerich Rd, Minasa Centre, Kericho, Kenya. Phone: +254 722 671754 Email: [email protected] Website: Paksons Enterprises Limited