African Excellence Awards 2021

22 MEA MARKETS / African Excellence Awards 2021 May21466 - - - Spoon Consulting, one of the most innovative companies in Mauritius, is leading its clients in their digital transformation journey. Our 100 + experts can intervene in all phases of digital transformation projects providing high-end solutions to our customers in Mauritius and the region. Our customers' success is driven by our versatile, multicultured, multi-talented and resilient people, which is our major asset. Our business model is based on our smart collaboration with large consulting firms in France and Europe providing the opportunity to offer consulting services based on diverse cutting edge technologies and to leverage our positioning as trusted advisors and solution integrators for our customers, exclusive of their size, business and location. Beyond that, as SharinPix shareholder, Spoon Consulting demonstrated our capabilities in founding and marketing an innovative application 'SharinPix' with great added value for use of images throughout more than 200 enterprises worldwide. Leading Digital Transformation