African Excellence Awards 2021

14 MEA MARKETS / African Excellence Awards 2021 , May21219 Offering the best education services in health, safety, and high-risk situational training, National Offshore Institute of Australia and America, Limited (NOIAA LTD) hasmade itself an invaluable business partner to its clients. Ensuring that each of their employees has the correct tools, knowledge, and experience to do the job and do it well, its depth and breadth of courses is what has cemented its place as the one-stop-shop for customers across amultitude of industries. Best Maritime Safety Training Specialists – Middle East & Africa National Offshore Institute of Australia and America, Limited (NOIAA LTD) is a leader when it comes to the provision of maritime consultancy and training services. Working with clients on everything from onshore and offshore work, as well as general marine consultancy, its efforts are mainly funnelled into safety training and workforce supply for professional businesses in its industry. It was founded in 1975 in Houston, Texas, and quickly became a diversified conglomerate with subsidiaries in Africa such as NOIAA LTD and OCERY PLC. Particularly; NOIAA LTD specifically, therefore, is an On/offshore Maritime Safety Training Company that has made a name for itself in serving industries with roles that contain high-risk activities, training and upskilling their personnel. Therefore, many of its courses are safety, survival, and emergency response based, and many of its clients are in the oil and gas companies and construction businesses. Its courses and training cover a wide range of potential high-risk scenarios and their responses, including basic offshore safety inductions, emergency training such as BOSIET, fire fighting levels one and two, first aid level one and two, helicopter landing officer training, defensive driving heavy duty, defensive driving with light vehicles, HUET, sea survival training, scaffolding safety, work and rescue at height, and rigging and lifting. When working with a client, it strives to always put safety first, aware that a number of problems could arise and delay it. Firstly, it has become known for conducting thorough risk assessments, as well as focusing on enhanced team efforts, pulling together communications between teams across the board from safety professionals to environmental experts. It also will always only use the right tools for the right job, giving its pupils the best possible training, and extending this same education to its own employees in order to ensure the successful outcome of all projects and trainings. NOIAA LTD, therefore, maintains a zero-harm policy across the board. This, being a core component of its operation, has several implications – including the use of widely accepted standards when approaching the most critical safety processes, the use of an established management system to ensure injury risk is as reduced as possible, and exploring innovation new ways to strengthen this culture. NOIAA Corp is a leader when it comes to leading indicators as a safety measure, working with its African subsidiary in order to mitigate the risks posed by operating close to the Cameroonian Civil War, as well as ensuring it had and still has all the correct and prudent safety measures in place to be able to respond to Covid-19. Consequently, it implemented a robust infection control policy, and has held to its standards in everything from operation to recruitment. When it comes to new hires, it reviews them based on the fit to the job description, conducting reference and background checks, and investigating by way of interview the candidate’s experience with handling work under high pressure stressors. Furthermore, NOIAA LTD’s MEA operation has more training modules than any other training specialist in Africa and the Middle East. Whilst it is proud of this, it refuses to rest on its laurels, looking to build further into a worldwide-focused company that can provide everything from HSEQ training to manpower supply, continuing to improve and develop its industry-leading infrastructure as it improves safety for itself and its clients. Company: National Offshore Institute of Australia and America, Limited (NOIAA LTD) Contact: Elliot Campbell SYCAMORE – General Manager; MEA Operations Tel: +237 233 332 056 / +237 233 433 779 Email: [email protected] Website: