2020 African Business Excellence Awards

6 MEA MARKETS / African Business Excellence Awards 2020 , Best Market Research Consultancy 2020 - Nigeria ACNielsen Nigeria Ltd NielsenHoldings plc is a globalmeasurement and data analytics company that provides themost complete and trusted viewavailable of consumers andmarkets worldwide. Divided into two business units, Nielsen provides packaged goodsmanufacturers and retailers with accurate, actionable information and insights, alongside a total picture of the complex and changing marketplaces that companies need to innovate and grow in.We discover the award-winning service of the firmthat has seen it recognised inMEAMarkets’ African Excellence Awards 2020. The approach that Nielsen takes marries together the firm’s own proprietary data with other data sources to help clients around the world understand what is happening right now, what is happening next, and how best to act on this knowledge. As an S&P 500 company, Nielsen has operations in more than one hundred countries, covering over ninety percent of the world’s population. It delivers this through a storehouse of information and processes that it has built over the years. When starting a new project, the team at Nielsen first try to deeply understand the client’s challengers and needs from the project, and then look at any best practices that Nielsen may have in the area. Considering the global scale that Nielsen work on, this expertise could come from any part of the world. The firm then relies on its local experts and knowledge to bring the project to life in the market through client and vendor relationships, sometimes going back many years, that help it to execute a project. Combined with Nielsen’s analytic powerhouse, these projects are aimed at generating actionable insights from the data for its clients. Also, considering that it is a data company, the world-class safety and security measures help the firm keep the data of its stakeholders, clients, consumers, respondents, and many more completely safe, preventing any breach. Above all, Nielsen’s principles of integrity builds trust that its clients need from a partner they can rely on. Nielsen invented the very concept of market share, and today, the firm’s data and insights continue to provide the essential foundation that makes markets possible in the rapidly evolving world of commerce. Modern consumers have access to more choices than ever before, but only Nielsen offers a truly complete and unbiased picture of this complex and changing marketplace that clients trust as the basis of their most important decisions. Nielsen’s set of guiding truths provide businesses the tools to create new opportunities, by providing in three key areas; trusted data to decide, technology to empower, and the belief that knowledge is more powerful when shared. Rather than stop at accurate measurements and insights, Nielsen also builds tools that use predictive models to turn market observations into business decisions and winning solutions. Nielsen’s technology also democratizes data, insights, and forecasting so that people at every level in an organization can be hands-on with market intelligence, and always be ready to make informed decisions. Finally, Nielsen also believes in partnerships and open platforms. Both are beneficial to clients, providing them with the foundation for a market intelligence network that facilitates industry growth. Jul20480 As more and more technology is used to influence the consumers of today and the marketplaces of the world, Nielsen Nigeria will continue to invest and use technology to enhance its products and services. Through automation, digitalisation, and machine learning, the data collection process will continue to be streamlined for quicker, more efficient, and more accurate data and insights. Right now and looking ahead to the future, the firm is rolling out “Nielsen Live”, a capability which provides more real-time insights to its clients directly from the trade. Via its new online platform “Connect Express”, clients of Nielsen will also be able to access their data anytime, and from anywhere through a web portal that provides clients with a streamlined data experience to help them win in their respective marketplace. Ultimately, any company working the retail or consumer packaged goods manufacturing industries wants to get ahead with data and insights, and that is exactly what Nielsen offers to its clients. As the industries continue to grow, so too will the outstanding work of Nielsen Nigeria. Company: ACNielsen Nigeria Ltd Contact: Ged Nooy Website: www.nielsen.com/uk/en/