2020 African Business Excellence Awards

20 MEA MARKETS / African Business Excellence Awards 2020 , Best Solar Energy Solutions Provider – Zambia Sunray Power Based in Zambia, Sunray Power provides leading solar solutions to its clients, which include residential homes, lodges, commercial operations, farmers, government institutions, NGOs, schools andmedical clinics. Sunray is a vertically integrated company that offers complete solar solutions to its customers including consultation, design, supply, installation, monitoring and maintenance. Partner at Sunray Power, Tymen Nagel, tells us more about their approach to maximize value for their customers. “At Sunray we follow a design approach that starts with the assessment of customers’ energy needs, followed by advice on how to reduce energy consumption by implementing energy efficiency measurements. Energy efficiency is therefore an important focus of the design process. Next, we utilize state-of-the art design tools, some developed inhouse, to design optimized solar systems that will maximize the economic value of the customers’ investments.” The firm’s overall mission is to improve the quality of life of the people of Zambia through the provision of renewable energy products, services and training, and Tymen goes on to explain the rationale behind the inception of Sunray Power and the need for mass adoption of solar solutions. “We put a lot of emphasis on training and have conducted more than seven basic solar training courses over the past 4 years. These courses target anyone who wants to know more about solar technology. The two-day course is also an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to start their own solar business or who wants to become a Sunray Partner. The course covers a wide range of topics such as estimation of the solar resource, solar components, system topologies, sizing of solar systems, solar water pumping and wiring of solar systems.” “Sunray also offers more advanced training for designers and installers of solar systems. This training focuses on the use of design tools, and the installation and monitoring of solar systems. “We pay a lot of attention to installation details and use proper equipment and tools. We have a strong focus on continuous learning in the company to ensure that we and our staff understand the products we work with very well. “Historically, the cost of electricity in Zambia is very low, but access to the grid is limited while supply is intermittent and unreliable. There are areas in Zambia that have daily load-shedding of 18 or more hours, and this affects economic development. Recently, the national utility started increasing the cost of electricity, which only strengthens the financial viability of solar. “Although the economy has seen a slowdown, there is no substitute for having electricity, whether for refrigeration, pumping fuel and water, drawing money at the ATM, connecting to internet, making a phone call or having the lights on at school. In parallel with this, the cost of solar continues to drop. It is now economically viable to have solar power in almost any part of the world.” Sep20696 Despite being in a competitive industry, Sunray Power has a few advantages that differentiate it from competitors in the renewable energy space, as Tymen continues. “Sunray spends a lot of time training its employees and partners. We have an unyielding desire to understand our products, and we continually endeavour to keep abreast with latest developments in the industry and to improve our offering. Sunray is a destination business where all our clients’ solar requirements are met under one roof. “We pursue uncompromising integrity, with the result that people trust our company. We’re transparent. We provide answers to problems and we account for all our actions, both financially and ethically. “In addition to this, we are well-connected and supported by our suppliers, and, finally, we have experience. We started in solar energy long before the current surge in solar companies came along. “Recently, we have launched a Partner Program where we actively invest in individuals and companies to set them up for success in the solar industry. This includes access to our design tools, discounted prices, a very well designed online shop with real-time stock levels as well as access to all our marketing material, pre-designed systems and close collaboration on larger projects.” With a strong emphasis on training and continual development of its staff, Sunray strives to attract the very best talent in the country as employees. With renewable energy becoming attractive, Sunray has some big forthcoming developments and partnerships in the works. Unfortunately, Tymen is not able to elaborate at this time, but he assures us that the future looks bright. “Our big short/medium term plan is to continue to expand our Partner Program, build strategic relationships, develop creative business models and get competent people and companies trained, right across Zambia.” Contact: Tymen Nagel Company: Sunray Power Telephone: 0967 20 8005 / 0977 58 9751 Email: [email protected] Website: www.sunrayafrica.com