African Excellence Awards 2019

MEAMARKETS / 2019 African Business Excellence Awards 7 , Cocoon Events Best Luxury Weddings & Events Designer 2019 & Award for Excellence in Destination Weddings 2019 Cocoon Events is the luxury wedding and event planning firm responsible for celebrity- worthymulti-day events that could grace the covers of magazines. We profile the firm to find out more about the sumptuous events it creates for its esteemed clientele. Supporting a wide range of couples seeking a truly luxurious special day, Cocoon Events creates award-winning multi-day productions featuring exquisite decor, delectable menus, and guest experiences that tantalise all five senses. When fantasy venues like ancient castles, shimmering palaces, or ocean-view villas are considered ‘good places to start’, Cocoon Events is called in to stage real life dreams- come-true. Creating the big day is only a part of the firm’s service offering. Each and every client receives the luxury-level service that is Cocoon Events’ specialty. No client request is too big or too small, and the only limit is the imagination. The firm works tirelessly to provide clients with a completely custom event planning experience, tailor-made to suit their unique passions and priorities. Alongside weddings, Cocoon Events also crafts exceptional corporate events that will meet the needs and exceed the expectations of some of the world’s greatest corporations. Each and every event, whether corporate or celebratory, is designed with luxury in mind. The team of event experts at Cocoon Events are deeply committed to created unforgettable events that will be remembered by guests for years to come. Looking ahead, the future for the event planning market revolves around technology, and as such Cocoon Events are keen to embrace this whilst showcasing the benefits of the human touch. The firm is keen to combine the two approaches to ensure that future clients receive the personalised, expert service they expect. Ultimately, this move towards greater technology is only fuelling even greater growth for the wedding industry. After all, weddings are a serious affair in Africa, having a rich history that traces way back in time. In many African cultures, weddings are a long tradition with deep cultural, social and religious significance, a trend which is still prevalent today. The only difference is unlike traditional weddings of the yesteryears, today’s weddings are modern, elegant and contemporary. The current generation of couples are tech savvy and have been deeply influenced by the internet and television. Heavy spending witnessed on weddings is a reflection of celebrity culture that is widely shared on mass media platforms. Couples now use the internet to organize their weddings and, as a result, some entrepreneurs have ventured into online wedding planning and vendor directories. Using the internet, couples can easily get information about service providers and plan their budgets. Weddings in Africa have now become a way for couples to impress their friends and peers. Widespread internet use, especially social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, have helped to launch the wedding industry to new heights. Cocoon Events will be working hard to integrate technology into its future plans to ensure that it provides clients with connected, social media worthy events. Company: Cocoon Events Name: Fabrice Orlando Address: Marrakech Office, 5 Immeuble Le Menara, Boulevard Abdellah, Ben Yassine. 40 000 Gueliz Marrakech Telephone Number: +212679821900 Web Address: Apr19511 Photo Credit: Photographer: Ettore Francheschi | Venue: Selman Palace Marrakech