African Excellence Awards 2019

10 MEA MARKETS / 2019 African Business Excellence Awards , Best Freight Forwarding & Clearing Company - Tanzania DowElef International (T) Ltd is one of the largest andmost reputed International Freight Logistics Management Company in Tanzania. Celebrating the firm’s win in this year’s African Excellence Awards we profile it and explore the secrets behind its success. May19095 Since its inception way back in 2003, Dow Elef International has since established a reputation of trust and goodwill among its clients and have gained recognition as a leader in the local and international logistics market. Today, thanks to its experienced team who are experts in logistics management, commercial shipments, logistics operations, project cargo handling, over dimensional cargo, dangerous goods, live animals and have immense experience handling vide range of commodities and products relating to various industries including telecoms, pharmaceuticals and food and beverages. With its headquarter in Dar es Salaam, very proximal to the port and the main airport, Dow Elef International now boasts offices throughout the Tanzanian borders, Zambia and Burundi connecting the firm to almost all the countries in the East Africa. The firm also has regional offices in Arusha and Zanzibar as well, allowing it to provide an integrated service to clients throughout the country. Utilising a collaborative approach, the firm is also represented by a network of strong and reliable agents worldwide catering to complete logistics solutions around the globe. These counterparts around the globe are companies who have grown along with Dow Elef International and can extend similar levels of first class services to the firm’s valued clients. Looking to the future, Dow Elef International is in the process of establishing itself in all the major countries in East Africa to help it grow its client base and ensure it is able to support clients in today’s increasingly international corporate landscape. Ultimately, Dow Elef International is dedicated to understanding its customer’s expectations, identifying and developing opportunities that enhance its customer goals. Looking ahead, the firm’s business philosophy will remain focused on maintaining the highest level of quality service in most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. The firm’s expert team are committed to continuously process improvement through leadership, good customer service, innovation, technology, new investment and internationally acceptable safety standards, and these values will remain a core driver for the company throughout the remainder of 2019 and further into the future. Company: Dow Elef International (T) Ltd Name: Daniel Massawe Address: Plot No.436, Block-A, Mabalozi Avenue, Mwl. JK Nyerere Trade Fair Ground (Saba Saba Ground), Kilwa Road, Dar es salaam , United Republic of Tanzania Phone: +255788569912 Office Cell: +255 712 600 000 Email : [email protected] & [email protected] Web Address: