MEA Q2 2018 Proserv

MEAMARKETS / Q2 2018 19 , Peerless is a global leader indesigning and supplying awide range of engineered equipment inpower generation industries around theworld. Taking time toprovideuswithanoverview of the company, is PeerlessManagingDirector EMEAandAsia, DavidBarkerwhoprovides us withan insight into thefirm, aswell aswhat itmeans tohave been selected inMEAMarketsUAE Business Awards as theBest Diversified&EnergyTechnologyProvider. Long History of Innovation It’s always great for the team to be recognised for all the hard work they put in throughout 2017. This is especially rewarding to receive the award in 2018 when we will be celebrating the 85th anniversary of CECO Peerless, which has a long history of innovation starting with the world’s first gas odorisor and vane separator. Peerless is a global leader in designing and supplying a wide range of engineered, high- efficiency, processing, separation and filtration equipment for oil and gas production, gas pipeline transportation and power generating industries around the world. Regarded as a world leader for SCR exhaust systems for gas-fired power plants, Peerless provides both emission and sound control that helps power industry clients reduce NOx, CO and VOC levels in the turbine exhaust gases that helps reduce pollutants and protect air quality. Peerless separates over three million cubic meters of oily water every day, has removed more than three tons of NOx and installed thousands of gas separation, gas processing and oily water processing systems globally. Every new project brings a unique set of requirements, and our process starts with a client meeting with our local engineering group. We discuss the project scope and identify areas that we can optimise for them based on the best available technologies. Both Peerless and our clients are experts in their respective fields, getting everyone around the table to discuss options provides a number of advantages in cost, efficiency and safety. The GCC and specifically UAE saw strong growth in the power and oil and gas projects, and we have benefited from this with good growth throughout 2017 with a positive outlook in the coming years. Based in Jumeriah Lake Towers Dubai, the DMCC freezone provides a lot of support to help business grow. This creates opportunity for companies like Peerless and makes it an ideal base for our Middle East operations. The Dubai office serves as the central hub for Procurement, Engineering and Finance for our UK and Singapore offices. Our expertise and engineering behind the technology sets CECO Peerless apart. In addition to this, we have a continuous development process for our products to better serve our clients and to meet the latest regulation norms whether for Nox, compressor scrubber efficiency or oily in water. A lot of our work is with the national operators, so a keen focus on our technology development is in helping clients reduce operating costs. At Peerless, we have a dynamic and resourceful team, who enjoy celebrating the wins together, as well as growing the business. Along with growth, there comes the need to hire strong engineering talent. With a strong team that stays in front of the emerging trends, and the portfolio depth in being a part of CECO Environmental’s global organisation, we are able to react faster and advise our clients with confidence as our industry grows and changes. UA180119 With the growth in our business over the last two years, we are on track with our plan to develop our UAE office to become the centralised hub for the EMEA and Asia offices. Also, we can see the increased need for in-country value in all the GCC countries. Lastly, we will continue to work with the local operators to develop and increase the local value and strengthen our partnerships. Contact: David Barker Company: CECO Peerless AU Gold Tower, Floor 28, Office A , Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, PO Box 62435, UAE Telephone: 00971 55 533 2879 Web Address: www.cecoenviro. com/peerless