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MEAMARKETS / Q2 2018 15 , NauticaEnvironmental Associates is primarily anecological consultancywithexpertise inboth themarine and terrestrial environments ofUAE, aswell as thewiderGulf region.We spoke to Richard J. Hornsby aswe looked to gainan insight into the services offeredby thefirmandwhat exciting services it offers. Working Towards a Better Environment Founded in 2005, Nautica Environmental Associates have specialised in Baseline Ecological Surveys, often under contract to larger companies that undertake Health, Safety and Environment Impact Assessments. In addition to acting as a subcontractor to such large, usually international companies, the company has also carried out work directly to government organisations involved with the oil and gas, nuclear, transport and environmental fields. Nautica Environmental Associates is the only homegrown ecological consultancy in Abu Dhabi, having developed from separate areas of ecological activity and recording. The expert and knowledgeable team has always been keen to expand its in-house knowledge by bringing in and working with outside experts, and, by doing so, staff can probably offer unrivalled services in terms of ecological survey and reporting. Discussing what else makes the firm unique, Richard is keen to highlight the expertise amongst staff, as well as the versatility that staff offer. “Within the industry, we consider that we have unrivalled ecological expertise and a rigorous approach to scientific reporting. We are able to combine this with high standards of presentation, normally using high quality photographs, and, sometimes, video footage.” Richard comments on what techniques he and his team employ when looking to work on a new project with clients. It is these methods which have seen the firm achieve the utmost success. “Here at Nautica Environmental Associates, we make sure we understand the needs and aspirations of the client, and we assure them that we will apply ourselves to the new project with determination, and, hopefully, enthusiasm.” Describing the region that his company operates within, Richard noted that there have been many challenges which have arisen in the region, but the innovation and creativity of staff has meant that the firm has been able to use its experience from overseas to be able to excel in its work. “The UAE is a young country, but the leaders take their environmental responsibilities very seriously, partly because of the lead shown by the late founder, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan. We have been very happy to introduce and use methods and standards widely applied overseas, particularly in Europe and North America.” However, Richard was keen to note that by being based in the UAE, it has also provided many advantages for Nautica Environmental Associates, citing transport and a stable base as enticing aspects of working in the region. “UAE provides a stable business environment and an attractive way of life for ex-patriate professionals. Transport links are excellent and there are few problems about international financial transactions.” Describing the culture within the company, Richard touches on what attributes and qualities the team looks for in order to cultivate a thriving working environment which sees both staff and the company able to maximise their potential. This culture enables the firm to be able to adapt to any relevant trends which are arising on a daily basis within the sector. “When recruiting, we look for people with enthusiasm who are capable of working as part of a team, in the field, in the laboratory and in the office. We are keen to develop and use the skills of all our staff, and to disseminate expertise through the company.” “With all members of staff being highly qualified and looking to provide the best service, we actively network to make sure we are aware of the latest developments and possibilities. Also, we make sure that we are aware of new findings and developments in the areas of flora and fauna.” UA180094 Looking ahead, Richard is confident that Nautica Environmental Associates will be able to adapt to any developments which will potentially arise, and ensure that there are successful times ahead for the firm. “Ultimately, we are confident that with rising oil prices and economic diversification within UAE, there will be a strong and growing need for environmental services. We need to ensure that our potential clients are aware of our skills, resources and capabilities. “Moving forward, we just see further development of high environmental standards, and hopefully a wider appreciation of the role our company is playing in UAE society.” Name: Richard J. Hornby PhD, MCIEEM Address: P.O. Box 44780, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Telephone: +9712 6731250 Website: