MEA Q2 2018 Boecker

MEAMARKETS / Q2 2018 19 Long History of Innovation g Contact: Dhr. Sierk Weisser Krepetin, MBA Managing Director and CEO Company: DP Supply BV, Waanderweg 50, Emmen, NL-7812, the Netherlands Telephone: +31 59167 9988 industry, the dairy demand is constantly increasing as people have more in their wallet, and who will mainly invest into healthy and modern food – you do see American, Asian and European influence on eating habits of today and tomorrow. Consumers want to be entertained by new products, new tastes and flavours. Everything is possible a cup cake with orange-butter and pepper flavour or dairy ice cream with new spices. “Moving forward, we want to go international – we want to produce where the demand is. This will increase the demand for high educated managers and our daily work will be more complex. However, we will be closer to clients demands - just think about the cost saved on the logistic side!”