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10 MEA MARKETS / Q2 2018 , Saudi GermanHospital Dubai provides expert medical care to residents and patients throughout theMiddle Eastern Region. We profile the facility as we look to explore the secrets behind its success. Compassion, Creation and Collaboration Combined Saudi German Hospitals Emirates is a part of the largest healthcare service provider group in the MENA region - Saudi German Hospitals Group. The group is a multi-functional Healthcare company & functions as a Healthcare developer. With an array of more than 30 years’ experience in Healthcare industry the SGH Group of Hospitals function with a unique spiritual vision. Established in 2012, SGH is part of the biggest private hospitals groups in the Middle East, and, being the sixth tertiary care hospital in the SGH Group, the hospital has succeeded in proving itself as one of the major tertiary care hospitals within Dubai and the UAE. SGH Dubai is committed to providing superior clinical services which add value to its patients, their families and additionally the facility’s stakeholders and wider community. Operating with a clear vision, SGH Dubai aims to become the premier healthcare provider within the region, meaning it will become the employer of choice and be able to draw the best talent in the MENA region. Throughout the facility, the team at SGH Dubai show the utmost compassion, and care with the highest degree of dignity, equality, honesty, empathy, and trust. This aspect of the team’s work will enable the company to conquer its vision, with the hospital also seeking channels for the productive growth of its people and organisation. Perhaps most importantly, employees at SGH Dubai work with its customers, partners, and colleagues in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. Looking to provide the best treatment possible, the team ensures that its patients feel comfortable, excited and enthusiastic about the customer service that they receive. Holding 365 beds, SGH Dubai is able to offer a wide range of medical services in an assortment of specialist areas, including; sub-specialties and critical cares, all complying with the highest international standards. All of the patients’ rooms are well-furnished and designed for providing comforts for its patients. Within the hospital patients have the options of a private room, a deluxe room which is a one bed room with a sitting lounge, or even the super deluxe suite; containing one bedroom, a sitting lounge and a dining area. Lastly, a patient can be treated in the Royal Suite, a two-bed room, sitting lounge and a dining area. These luxurious rooms are just one example of what efforts the team go to in order to provide the best experience possible for patients. Along with its luxurious rooms, there are many other highlights of SGH Dubai which attract and entice patients to be treated there. The hospital is accredited by JCI, CAP and TEMOS, and boasts an Outpatients Department which covers over 25 specialist areas, and is open throughout the day from 8am to 8pm. In order to deliver the best treatment possible, the team must be highly-qualified and skilled in their certain areas of expertise. With over 1000 dedicated staff all working to conquer the vision of the hospital, including over 200 doctors and 400 nurses, the team sees no barriers to its success. Interestingly, there also additional service for International patients, and SGH Dubai help patients through their medical care. If patients are travelling on business anywhere then it does not matter to the team as they help them, as well as anyone 1802ME01 who may need assistance with the language. If a patient is travelling to Dubai, then the team assist them before, during and after their visit to SGH Dubai. Looking to provide the best experience and satisfy customer expectations, the team schedules appointments close together in order to make the visit an efficient one. Furthermore, differentiating the hospital apart from other healthcare providers is the fact that the team strive to provide assistance in terms of local accommodation, flight booking and again, translations services. It is no wonder that the hospital constantly exceeds patient expectations. Ultimately, if a patient is travelling around the Middle Eastern region then they could easily attend SGH Dubai in order to receive the best possible treatment for whatever issue may arise, and their expectations would be exceeded. With a dedicated and ambitious team, there is a bright future ahead for the hospital and its staff, as it continues to work towards achieving its mission of becoming the most respected hospital in the industry, and be able to employ the most highly regarded staff. Company: Saudi German Hospital Dubai Website: