MEA Q1 2018

MEAMARKETS / Q1 2018 11 A Future-Proof Product g “Moving forward, we are planning to expand from currently 53 organisational members to at least 100 organisations. Today, we also offer directly targeted developments (DTD) for paying customers who would like to add certain functionality to our tool, as well as offering a new enhanced support option. Moreover, during this year we are releasing a Company: Open Source Modelica Consortium Contact: Peter Fritzson (Director of the Open Source Modelica Consortium) Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone: +46 708 281484 Website: new version of OpenModelica with significantly enhanced functionality and compilation speed, supporting even larger and more complex models.” Ultimately, there are a wealth of advantages of the OpenModelica product, as it offers powerful and easy-to-use model-based development, as well as providing the flexibility of open source, which avoids vendor lock-in. Looking to capitalise on its success, the team at OSMC is aiming to attract more organisational members and partners who could utilize the benefits of the product. 3D animation of excavator with OpenModedelica Engineering connection diagram Peter Fritzson, director of OSMC