MEA Women in Business Awards 2017

MEAMARKETS / Women in Business Awards 2017 9 , Dimara Group is multi-faceted organization that has created a brand concept in the hospitality industry consisting of procurement/consulting, design and supply concepts with international fashion brands, andmanufacturing of textiles. We profiled the firm to find out more about themand their global reach. Most Influential Woman Hospitality Equipment & Supplies 2017 & Hospitality Bed & Linen Manufacturer of the Year 2017 Dimara currently has three distinct divisions: Dimara International Procurement/ Turnkey Project Solutions for OS&E (Operating Supplies & Equipment); Dimara Galerie works with many notable designer fashion brands and translates those into hospitality concepts. This segment also represents many world class brands for guestroom equipment, food and beverage trucks and trolleys as well as other areas of hotel use. Dimara Industries manufactures designer bed and bath linen and textiles for hospitality, all of which fall in line with Brand Standard standards and is under license for notable fashion brands. To ensure continued success, the company’s aim is to grow and maintain its status as the leading provider and consultants of body care amenities, bed and bath linen, alongside soft furnishings accessories in the Middle East region. Staff aim to readily expand Diamara’s product offerings and services through global strategic alliances to better serve clients. The standards of the group’s services and products are inspired by genuine hospitality and achieved by its loyal, committed business partners, as well as the dedicated team members at the firm. Fundamentally, the company’s mission is to promote healthy living through an intense and unique focus on well-being through refined luxury, pure ingredients and natural methods. The mission is delivered through the core values of exceptional customer service alongside honesty and transparency. Other values of the firm are innovative passion, professionalism and proficiency. Regarding its ongoing strategy, Dimara believes in the philosophy of direct sales and has a goal oriented approach. The company values it clients greatly and rather than waiting for them to approach the firm, staff focus on specific market segments in which the needs of the potential client match the offerings of the firm. This is the desired clientele of the group. Dimara’s unique approach is valued and appreciated within the region as well as the industry, as it is a pleasant experience as well as the cultural expectation of the firm’s clientele. Ms. Aslam is a leading expert in the hospitality industry, with 15 years experience in creating bespoke hospitality concepts with a designer flair. Additionally Ms. Aslam is an OS&E consultant for hotels at a pre-opening stage, and works closely with owners and hotel operators. She has written over 20 editorials in major publications regarding hospitality trends ranging from in room amenities, textile, and food & beverage presentations. Her WNB17003 Contact: Farah Aslam Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Street # 4, Oud Metha Road, Dubai, P.O. Box 47974, UAE Phone: 971 4 334 2881 Website: contributions have led Dimara International in becoming “The Number One Dubai Small & Medium Enterprise”, “The Best Commercial Business In Dubai”, all while receiving a Label from the Dubai Chamber for Corporate Social Responsibility. Recently, she has redefined the traditional buy/sell relationships within hospitality in offering many out of the box and cross selling opportunities that are revolutionizing the industry. Ms. Aslam holds a degree from George Washington University, Washington D.C. with a specialty in International Business.