MEA Women in Business Awards 2017

6 MEA MARKETS / Women in Business Awards 2017 an example of just some of the issues she and other women face in the workplace. “Men always argue loudly in site meetings and sometimes it gets out of control. However, if women do this and speak their mind, they are labelled as aggressive. Woman are expected to be timid. The work force on a construction site are not used to dealing with women in their work environment. This is also reflected in the performance of the work, as while the work force are dealing with Women, they try to hide information and may not be able to give clarity on the job.” Discussing her early years working in interior design, Hind alludes to the fact that she was able to learn more about local cultures. The lifestyle is important to understand when undertaking projects, as family environment would require certain considerations, with more family spaces, enabling people to entertain guests and maintain privacy between males and females. These are key factors to consider whilst in designing a living space. “Throughout my years working in Interior design, I could see huge lots with big houses built as a cluster. I believe that big entrances, vast gardens, and other outdoor spaces could be utilized more effectively considering the harsh weather of the area and the privacy element of the lifestyle. This is why I revived the Courtyard house theory of design in all of the houses, which I design. The Courtyard-house, is a form of architecture long forgotten, and has been used in the region for centuries as well as served the needs of climate and culture. With that I create an intimate outdoor and indoor spaces of pure modern luxury.” “I believe that architecture and interior are one entity, and should be in on the mind of the architect simultaneously during the design process. The architect will create the design language to be spoken coherently between the inside and outside to realize functional and aesthetic human spaces. For me, spaces are not defined by the theme of the finishes and furniture, but by the quality of the human experience in that space, it’s connection to the outside, its proportion to the human scale and the patterns of shadow and light created by the pure basic shapes of the space.” “Differentiating the company from other similar firms, I create living space with a flow of energy. There are axis of energy channels to be incorporated in the main plan and general layout creating this a feeling of positivity and openness. The plans are developed in a way where solid elements like walls, ceilings and doors are replaced with Mushrabiehs and sliding partitions, then the use of space becomes more dynamic. Also, the architecture and the interior elements need to be used in synchrony to create a virtual design element through the shadow of lights.” Following on from Hind’s unmatchable passion, Inspirations Décor and its staff value client’s personal conceptions and can transform them into reality. The team has all the passion, creativity and knowledge to make things possible, and that it is the inspiration for staff to produce the best projects. Combining knowledge with an aesthetic vision, Inspirations Décor provides creative dynamic Architectural designs which are tailored to meet the client´s requirements. All of the staff employed by the company work hard to bridge the gap between practicality and sophistication with their designs for residential, commercial and hospitality properties. The team of professionals work hard and are disciplined when managing projects from conception through to construction, and finally completion. Ultimately, Hind and the rest of her staff are constantly searching for their next inspirational project. Inspirations Décor will continue to focus on the residential architecture and interior design sectors. Having supplied many projects, which have satisfied clients and provided a beautiful setting both inside and out, there is much to be admired about the work of Inspirations Décor. The inspiration behind all of the work is Hind, and she could not be prouder of her staff, who all work exceptionally hard to follow the same mission and reach the same goals, becoming the leading interior design firm in Dubai.