MEA Women in Business Awards 2017

18 MEA MARKETS / Women in Business Awards 2017 , The Springboard Consultancy is a world-leading international training and development company. We invited Callie Dickens to tell us more about her role in the firm’s success. Most Inspirational Woman in Women’s Development 2017 & Best International Training Company 2017 The Springboard Consultancy and its staff are passionate about delivering authentic, proven and diverse course to inspire and empowered everyone to fulfil their potential. Everyone can benefit from staff’s specially designed and targeted programmes, as Callie highlights. “Inspired by ambitious women in the UAE and having benefited personally from The Springboard women’s development course, I felt compelled to bring it to the women in UAE to further drive their increasingly powerful presence in the workforce. I also founded ORENDA+Bloom, a company that exists to create a community and learning space to bring likeminded women together to be supported, empowered and inspired.” As a woman in the male dominated UAE corporate landscape, Callie has faced many challenge in her road to success, as she explains. “The biggest challenge to women in the workplace in UAE is reaching more senior positions, often due to expectations of them should they decide on motherhood; minimal maternity leave and flexible working hours, pervasive views about a woman’s role in the home and the long hours work culture in many industries are key causes. As a result, there are fewer female role models and mentors to help women on their journey to the boardroom – if that is s where they want to go of course- so the cycle continues as without women in senior roles, women just starting out lack the powerful support that role models and mentors play along a career trajectory. I would like to see a better work/ life balance for parents so that we lose less female talent when other places in the world have found a way not to.” Looking to the future, Callie is excited as she outlines how she will build upon her current success and grow both her businesses even further. “Moving forward, my plan for ORENDA+Bloom over the next 12 months is to continue to unite and inspire women with our book club, drop-in seminars, workshops, documentary screenings and podcast – The Springboard Women’s Development Programme will continue to play a central role because it has the power to change lives according to each individual’s unique needs.” WNB17015 Contact: Callie Dickens Contact Email: callie@orendaandbloom Address: Dubai, UAE Phone: 971505548384 Website: