MEA Women in Business Awards 2017

MEAMARKETS / Women in Business Awards 2017 15 , Select PPE has evolved into an organisationwhich serves many industries such as mining; manufacturing; agriculture; construction, petroleum; hospitality; medical; corporate and security on the African continent. We profiled the firm to find out a bit more about themand the services that they offer. Most Innovative Woman in PPE Procurement – South Africa Select PPE is the people’s partner of choice for personal protection in the workplace, protecting workers by ensuring compliance with PPE regulations, product quality and supporting issuing documentation by individual user, thereby mitigating client liability. The company is a leader in the procurement and distribution of quality and application specific products that protect people. Apart from being a PPE distribution company, the firm also provides customers with partnership-based management solutions for the procurement, issuing and record keeping of Personal Protective Equipment. Select PPE employs more than 400 employees in its African operations with 160 onsite stores and warehouses. Covering a variety of areas, the company’s core competencies include a unique on-site store business model which offers services to a hygienist and key account managers. The firm possesses an excellent customer database as well as an experienced management team with a deep knowledge about customer requirements and safety products. Vital to providing the best possible service for clients, the firm also enjoys unique in-house developed IT systems which contribute to the insightful reports which help customers take informed safety decisions. Staff have an ability to customise solutions to interact with customer infrastructure and systems whilst also providing cost-effective processes. Alongside these benefits and offerings, Select PPE also WNB17005 Contact: Sarah Fethani Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Dispatch, 5 Protea Street, Gate 1, Aureus, Randfontein, 1760, South Africa Phone: 0861 735 773 Website: provides risk assessments, embroidery services, laundry control and waste management of personal protective equipment. There are also some local community projects where the company is visible. The firm has undergone a revamp, holding a bold new look which has been strategically developed to move the company into the future and reflect the vision of becoming the primary safety partner of choice in Africa. The company’s new logo reflects the multicultural, multi-industry landscape in which the firm operates. The organisation serves clients in many regions and the new corporate identity was designed to communicate that the firm are focused on looking after employees and clients. Regarding the future of the company, there is a positive outlook. Offering a variety of services, Select PPE will never be short of customers, and should it look to expand its business both locally and globally, then there will surely be no shortage of clients willing to use the firm’s services.