MEA August 2017

20 MEA MARKETS / August 2017 , Ajman Academy’s mission is to inspire all learners to be the most innovative and successful individuals they can be, in an ever-changing world. As winner of the Best International School – Ajman award, we decided to interview the school’s marketing and events coordinator, Esme Halpenny to learnmore. Achieving Success in an Ever-Changing World Ajman Academy aims to provide an authentic and rich child-centred environment, to strengthen the giftedness and uniqueness of all through providing opportunities to create, express and lead. Ajman Academy’s philosophy can be summarised as follows: • To provide an authentic and rich child-centred environment; • To strengthen the giftedness and uniqueness of all through opportunities to create, express and lead; • To nurture digital citizenship and innovation to world- class standards; • To foster a deep sense of personal and cultural identity rooted in international-mindedness; • To promote an appreciation of Islamic and Emirati cultures and; • To enquire, reflect and act positively in all areas of school life, in line with the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Ajman Academy’s values are: happiness; positivity; success; responsibility; individuality; co-operation and respect. Their motto is, ‘we all succeed, every day.’ A school is its students, marketing and events coordinator, Esme Halpenny underlines. She goes on to explain the school’s philosophy when it comes to recruiting students and ensuring that they are happy, fulfilled and successful. “Ajman Academy takes in students with an interest and talent in an area, whether that be music, drama, art, sport, academic or leadership abilities. We have the resources to nurture and develop students in all these areas and promote a culture, where not only academic success is a priority, but also achievement in other areas is both recognised and celebrated through the IB framework and philosophy. “I believe that students can only be truly happy, fulfilled and successful in life, if they do that which they love and choose a career in line with their abilities and interests. We aim to help our students discover their passions and provide the opportunities for them to develop these. “A school is only as good as it’s teachers. We recruit highly qualified experienced staff and share best international standards through a unique skill share and mentoring programme led by our leadership team. Education does not stop at the end of the last lesson, but continues through extra- curricular activities, sports, individual study, building of friendships and acquiring social and life skills. We aim to develop independence, confidence and the ability to show tolerance and understanding to all. “We believe that by living and working together, with high expectations in every area our students will emulate these. We treat our students with love and respect, so that they develop a strong self-worth. Couple this self-worth - with a passion for learning and achievement - and our students have a foundation strong enough for them to reach the stars.” UA170122 Ajman Academy pursues excellence in all areas of their students’ education, Esme tells us. She then explains the school’s ethos and how those who go there can be part of something special. “We combine the ethos held by the very best global independent schools in the world with the provision of a world-class international curriculum. We provide an international, premium quality, holistic education ensuring that each student’s individuality and talents are recognised and developed to the full. We encourage every child at Ajman Academy to be the best that they can be. “Ajman Academy prepares children to become students for life as well as responsible, open-minded citizens of the world. They are inspired to develop a lifelong love of learning alongside an appreciation of diverse cultures and global points of view. The International Baccalaureate (IB) is their passport for becoming well- rounded and outstanding learners.