MEA UAE Business Awards 2017

MEAMARKETS / UAE BUSINESS AWARDS 2017 89 , UA170062 Yalla Pickup is an innovative app and a web-portal that allows clients to order a pickup truck at a click of a button. We caught up with CEO and Founder Elie El Tom to talk us through the firmand the services it offers. Most Innovative Transport Service 2017 Founded in 2016, Yalla Pickup is often described as ‘an Uber for your belongings’. This remarkable concept, which won ‘’Transport App of the Year’’ at the Mobile App Awards 2016, is tailored to meet client needs, as Elie outlines. “Here at Yalla Pickup our service is tailored for individuals as well as business owners who have valuable items to move and they’re getting frustrated with going to look around the city for a pickup truck or calling out drivers who may not be there when you need them. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, with Yalla Pickup, you can now order a pickup truck from the comfort of your home or office. “Central to our approach is our constant focus on client service. We intend to offer an on-time and safe pickup truck service with the primary mind set being to offer the best client experience. We maintain our high standard through our feedback loop with the client and with the alignment of our team to our vision which will help us improve our service. Our uniqueness stands in our personalized service; we work with every customer or prospect as if our life depends on how well we could serve them.” The UAE population comprises of 85% of expats; due to the nature of the work in UAE, the cities are very dynamic; people are always on the move and businesses rely heavily on transportation with the existing free zones spread across the country. It is a consumer country so basically almost everything is imported (except for oil) and this entails a lot of transportation between suppliers and clients. The UAE logistics accounted for $27 billion in 2015 out of which $5 billion was for transportation. One theme of the Dubai vision 2021 is a ‘smart & sustainable city’ which opens up a wide range of opportunities in terms of smart logistics; as for the challenges, we would need to create awareness among businesses and individual to the fact that there exists a smart way to book a pickup truck which will save you the hassle of going to look around the city for pickup truck or calling out drivers who may not be there when you need them. Therefore, looking ahead, connectivity will be the firm’s core focus as it seeks to remain at the forefront of emerging market developments, as Elie concludes. “Moving forward, we are moving toward smart cities and our service is totally aligned with the future. We are in discussion with Intel to integrate IoT solutions in our fleet in order to optimize our trips and contribute in the reduction of carbon emission in our cities, something that is totally aligned with the UAE vision 2021. We have on our roadmap penetration to other countries in the region starting with KSA next year.” Company: Yalla Pickup FZCO Contact: Elie El Tom Email: info@yalla Address: Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Center, Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE Phone: 971507013431 Website: