MEA UAE Business Awards 2017

74 MEA MARKETS / UAE BUSINESS AWARDS 2017 , UA170090 MACS-G Solutions is one of the most innovative companies in the QHSE and technology domain. We caught up withMadhusudan Swami, Managing Partner, to learnmore about this fascinating company and its innovative solution, Aegis. Best QHSE Management Solution: Aegis MACS-G Solutions was founded to create industry specific technology services that go beyond stand-alone products or complicated, expensive installations. Madhusudan outlines the firm’s service offering and product range in more detail, discussing how the company works to provide clients with the service they need. “At MACS-G Solutions, we offer a versatile selection of unique products designed with our clients’ in mind. Our HSE Reporting solution, AEGIS has been developed keeping in mind the compliance requirements of the industry and making sure all stake-holders involved in the process are provided an easy to use, anywhere, anytime access incident reporting and analytics platform. AEGIS is the result of intensive research development and confluence of industry experts including operation managers, on site supervisors, etc. We frequently consult with experts to make AEGIS more relevant to respective key roles in an organization. Apart from our products, we also offer consulting and technology services to various enterprises. We have clients across the GCC regions such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, and despite this vast geographical distance, what units them all is the superior quality service we offer them. We believe in constantly adding value to the customer’s experience. The team involved with the customer makes sure the deployed services bring in business benefits, and they are in constant touch with the customer following the project’s completion to ensure the client receives excellent aftercare.” Operating in the United Arab Emirates offers MACS-G Solutions a unique blend of opportunities to all sectors and verticals. The UAE being a melting pot for both the worlds, the west and east, make it very strategic for businesses especially new ventures. Every new business faces some challenges be the market stability or opportunity costs, however, MACS-G Solutions as a company try to derive positives from them and work towards building a more sustainable organization. Drawing on its experience in the technology space in this region, the firm has a great deal of insight into the market currently which Madhusudan is keen to share with us. “Currently, within the wider technology industry, we see lot of focus been giving to value added services more than conventional ways of doing things. It is no longer about what we can provide to our customer but more importantly how we provide it. Customers are now looking for long lasting partnerships rather than one time solutions for their business needs, which is great for us since we have adopted the same strategy even in our product development.” Such partnerships would be impossible without a strong, dedicated workforce, and as such Madhusudan is eager to highlight the vibrant and supportive internal culture he works hard to cultivate. “Internally, we try and keep it simple within our company. ‘Be excited about what you do’ is what we preach, every employee believes he is part of a whole and understands that their contribution whether directly or indirectly effects the company. We look for people who like to treat their work with the same love and care as they would other aspects of their life. This is what makes a great work culture and helps to drive our firm to success.” Moving forward, the firm’s focus is firmly on growth as it looks to expand into new market, as Madhusudan is proud to conclude. “Looking to the future, at MACS-G Solutions we are looking at expansion within new and emerging markets as such as Asian markets specially India and South east wherein HSE automation and process improvement have huge potential. At the same time, the GCC and Middle East markets always look for innovative and disruptive technologies so growth potential is huge and will provide our firm with many great opportunities.” Company: MACS-G Solutions Contact: Madhusudan Swami, Managing Partner Email: [email protected] Address: 605 Fortune Tower, Cluster C, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE Phone: 00971 4 370 5649 Website: