MEA UAE Business Awards 2017

38 MEA MARKETS / UAE BUSINESS AWARDS 2017 , Incentive Connections TourismLLC offers the full plethora of destinationmanagement services to create unforgettable experiences for its clients. We invitedMr. Porus Guzder to talk us through the firmand provide an absorbing overview of its service offering. Best Full-Service Destination Management Company - Dubai Incentive Connections is an award-winning full- service destination management company, located in Dubai with expanding coverage of Abu Dhabi, the rest of the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar. Over the years, and in response to an increasing global demand, Incentive Connections has added a steadily growing Inbound Tour Operating department that caters to the needs of free individual travelers (FIT). Porus outlines the firm’s service offering in more detail and discusses how the company works to ensure that clients receive only the highest level of service and take back delightful memories of a truly incredible trip. “As destination managers, we deliver bespoke solutions for international conferences, incentive meetings, executive retreats, incentive programs
 and corporate events. We bring together years of rich experience, trust and dependability to create a culture of transparency, receptiveness, responsiveness, ingenuity, professionalism and true partnership. Alongside this, as leisure travel partners, our inbound travel specialists take care of all client needs – visas, accommodation, tours, logistics, transportation, translators, guides and more. “Our dedicated Special Events team have produced some of the most distinctive, challenging and creative events: 5-star camping, silver- service dinners in the desert, sunrise breakfast reception in hot air balloons blissfully floating through the clouds, elite dinners with revered royalty at their most hospitable summer palaces, black tie dinners on 
the helipad of the iconic Burj Al Arab. We also facilitate exclusive behind the scenes access, by way of enlightening tours of the architectural wonders and the hallmarks of Dubai –the towering Burj Khalifa and the glittering Burj Al Arab, lunches and dinners at exotic venues such the Ras Al Khaimah museum and Ajman fort, as well as unique opportunities for warm interactions with local native families.” Currently, Dubai is the 4th most visited city in the world after London, Paris and Bangkok and has the world’s highest visitor per resident ratio from 4.9 visitors in 2009 to 5.7 visitors in 2015. Authorities have estimated the number of visitors by 2020 to a whopping 20 million per year, doubling the number welcomed in 2012. Multiple initiatives covering regulatory policy, infrastructure development, product offering enhancement, and destination marketing investments have been made by the foresighted leadership of the Emirate. The overall goal of these initiatives and the strategy is to position Dubai as the ‘first choice’ for the international leisure and business travelers. With each passing day, we in Dubai, are inching closer to realizing this esteemed goal. With easy accessibility to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is an inspired global destination, rich in cultural UA170058 authenticity, diverse natural offerings and unparalleled family leisure and entertainment attractions. Abu Dhabi is rapidly evolving
 into a world-class, sustainable destination of distinction. Incentive Connections showcases the very best that this dynamic city has to offer, as Porus concludes. “Fundamentally, Incentive Connections is on an epic journey in pursuit of business excellence. Our commitment is to deliver only the most desirable outcomes, of the highest standard, to all our clients and stakeholders alike. “In order to showcase the very best that this glittering belt of Arabia has to offer, we are committed to showing our clients the very unique, the extraordinary and the truly wonderful. We believe, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Providing that little extra time and again is our promise. We endeavor to establish and grow trusted partnerships with our clients. We have been able to differentiate ourselves from the competition through robust relationship, creative content, personalized service, responsiveness and preferential rates. Our established service levels are one of the prime reasons our valued clients continue to work with us and we constantly adapt and evolve in order to continue to meet their dynamic needs.”