MEA UAE Business Awards 2017

36 MEA MARKETS / UAE BUSINESS AWARDS 2017 , The International Association of Hotel General Managers (IAHGM) is a pioneering association dedicated exclusively to the international hotel General Management community. We profile the association to find out more about the innovative services it offers. Hospitality Association of the Year 2017 Launched in 2016, IAHGM is the world’s first and only initiative dedicated exclusively to the international hotel general management community. The association is designed to raise the profile
 of hotel GMs, whilst providing
 a range of professional and personal membership benefits.
 It has been founded by Mr. Leon Larkin, an Australian national with over 40 years’ experience as a GM in some of the world’s leading hotels in Europe, Asia and Australia. Since inception IAHGM has established a number of partnerships with highly regarded businesses offering products and services to members and their families, at discounted rates, including HotelSwaps, AHLEI, Qantas and Emirates Academy to support its members. Members have access to the following range of portable benefit programs (they remain with the policyholder whether they change employer or relocate to a different country). These include a flexible range 
of medical plan options – depending on your coverage situation, both primary and supplementary plans are available and you can tailor the most suitable package for your needs. They also have access to term life insurance, with options ranging from 1 to 10 years and up to USD$500K coverage without a medical. Coverage is available up to USD$4m and 75 years of age. They can access income protection insurance in the case of illness or injury that pays 60% of your total package after an agreed waiting period. This pays out for up to 5 years, followed by a lump sum payment. Finally, members can elect to participate in their bespoke retirement savings plan, because saving for retirement should be a priority today, regardless of your age. This best in class plan gives 24/7 online access to your account with no charges to change investments or withdraw funds. In addition, on joining, members can elect to register with the Career Management Center (CMC) as part of a confidential database. The CMC provides the industry with an independent talent pool, and its members and clients with a wider choice of job opportunities. From the very first phone interview, IAHGM invest
s the time and resources to understand a candidiate’s history, challenges, capabilities, goals and achievements, before an optional independent assessment is undertaken. The association works with the very best independent assessors
 and industrial psychologists to provide a first-class assessment format which is followed by a one-on-one post analysis of capability and potential. An integral part of the CMC process is the formulation of a Personal Development Plan (PDP) and a variety of courses/programs are also available in partnership with leading learning and education providers, which will increase competency levels in key critical areas. Once a suitable job opportunity arises candidates will be matched and interviews coordinated with the hotel companies. Moving forward, further developing this offering will remain a key focus of the association as it seeks to build upon its current success and continue to grow the value proposition for its members. The continued growth of the international hotel industry has created a high demand for executive talent, especially working in an environment with a challenging turnover rate (around 30%). Because of the way it has been designed, the CMC is a bespoke service that helps members at all stages of their career to secure the best possible placements for long- term success. Alongside this vast array of benefits, IAHGM has launched an Advisory Services offering, to provide independent support to hotel general managers, hotel executives, hotel companies and owners within the industry. The association has retained 
a carefully selected network of partners, made up of leading hospitality experts who are 
able to provide assistance and support in a number of critical areas. These include - hotel openings & conversions; asset management; profit optimisation; strategy development; HR management; executive coaching and development; management systems; service quality improvement; operational performance; development of UA170048 standard operating procedures. There are a wide range of benefits for hotel owners, including improved profitability, reduced overheads, fit for purpose organisation structures, professional development for their employees and improved asset valuation, whilst GMs and execs have access to independent expert advice on core hospitality management issues. Internally, the culture of the association is one based on mutual respect, and everyone involved is invited to share
 their ideas. There is no large office, as a lot of what the association does is with carefully selected third party providers who share its vision and values.