MEA UAE Business Awards 2017

30 MEA MARKETS / UAE BUSINESS AWARDS 2017 , Commanine Translation DMCC is amarket leading translation firmbased in Dubai. We invited SamerMourched to tell us more about the firmand the services it offers. Best Content Translation Company - Dubai Founded in 2009 and located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Commanine is a leading translation and localization company, the brainchild of an avid linguist and a marketer. Today, the company has earned its place amongst the top word engineers in the country, with translation services that span over 40 languages, and a multitude of language experts and specialty masters working for the firm. Working with a diverse group of national and multinational firms that range from governmental institutions and facilities to marketing enterprises and beyond, the firm has to provide them with tailored support, as Samer emphasises. “Here at Commanine, our philosophy and approach towards dealing with clients has been constant since our very foundation. We believe and understand very clearly that each and every client has a unique vision and approach to their business. Every tone of voice is different, with specific terminology and guidelines that vary without any regard to the sector to which they belong. “As such, we treat every client individually and as a completely separate entity, learning about their identity, spirit and requirements without prejudice or generalization. Our focus is on the message and the company- assigned terminology and never the sector or field that houses them.” The market in the UAE benefits from the same qualities that make the country great as a whole: cultural and ethnical diversity and a warm and welcoming atmosphere allow for a great space for firms such as Commanine, as Samer explains. “Throughout our years working in the UAE, we have found the market there to be greatly hospitable, vast, diverse and thrilling to work in. The brilliance of the market truly lies in the international aspect of its people and the wide spectrum of opportunities it offers as a result of that globalization.” Overall, Samer believes that the success of Commanine is first and foremost thanks to the team. He credits a strong work ethic, a group dynamic and a customer- oriented approach to have guided the firm towards success. “At Commanine, we have always believed our greatest advantage to be our very clear understanding of our clients’ needs. We have amassed experience and knowhow throughout the years and now know how to approach any client and meet any requirement. “Over the past eight years, we have assembled a network of master linguists and thrilling collaborators that possess extensive knowledge in language and translation. Each one of our linguists is a subject matter expert in a different industry and a different field, further allowing us to achieve the highest quality content in the right context.” Looking to the future, Commanine will continue to grow and flourish as it seeks to adapt around emerging market trends, as Samer concludes. “Throughout the past year, we have noticed an increase in translation on a cultural, audience-oriented level. UA170088 Companies are seeking specific translation that relies on the right medium and approach to suit the target market. Literal translation has, in contrast, decreased in popularity and almost become obsolete, with ethical and cultural localization slowly expanding. We have been able to meet those requirements and new trends through subject matter experts that understand the different businesses and fields housed in the United Arab Emirates. “Overall, Expansion and growth have always been part of our plans at Commanine, and we have used the UAE market as a compass and a guideline in order to choose the right path to follow and the right branch to develop. “After extensive analysis and research, we were able to single out a need for fresh content in the UAE market, in more than one language. We have put together resources and have used our knowledge in languages and writing to help us as we start the next part of our expansion by assembling and building a team of content writers and creators that specialize in the creation of various forms of written and digital content. “Despite having only recently branched out into content creation and writing, we have already started to leave our imprint on the sector and the region through projects and enterprises, and are looking forward to slowly adding to our team and writing portfolio, and of course, expanding our reach.”