MEA UAE Business Awards 2017

MEAMARKETS / UAE BUSINESS AWARDS 2017 21 Best Nutritional Food & Beverage Provider - MENA g “In addition, breakfast is the rising snack occasion and we focus a lot on assuring we provide to our consumers propositions to fit this trend. Driven by a need for convenience, consumers are looking for ready-to-eat products that they can easily fit into their busy lifestyles. At the same time, ongoing financial concerns mean they are looking for both affordable and premium products, depending on the occasion. Our full portfolio addresses all this trends as our main purpose is to serve the needs of our consumers. “Ultimately, consumers want more new products on the market that are affordable, healthy, convenient and environmentally friendly. Time pressures and stress are facts of life. Shoppers want products that help restore balance and free up time to do the things they value most. “The world is facing a global health crisis—nearly 30% of the global population was considered overweight or obese in 2013— and consumers are attempting to take charge of their health. “The healthy eating space holds great potential and consumers want to go ‘back-to-basics’ with fresh, natural and minimally- processed options. We are working in line with this need and are very much excited of all the new products we will be introducing in the next coming months such as diary, specialized kid’s portfolio and many more. We will continue our efforts and focus on educating the consumers of consuming healthier food alternatives and take care of their wellbeing. “Additionally, the global organic market today is estimated on around $90 billion with United States being almost a half, followed by Germany and France. By 2020 global organic market is expected to reach $212 billion, so the opportunity speaks for itself about Middle East region and Midway Middle East - Healthier on a Whole New Scale. These are all exciting developments and we look forward to taking advantage of them.”