MEA UAE Business Awards 2017

10 MEA MARKETS / UAE BUSINESS AWARDS 2017 , JannahHotels & Resorts provides genuine care, exceptional products and services in everymajor city of the world. We caught up with COO, Martin Persson, to learnmore about the firmand the services it offers. Hotel Management Company of the Year 2017 Jannah Hotels & Resorts was created in the Liwa Desert of the United Arab Emirates. Founded on the spirit of the noble Bedouin hospitality and pioneered with an infrastructure that is innovative, creative and dynamic, it has blossomed into the hotel management company of choice. Offering leading proprietary technology and evolutionary programs, the company offers intelligent and efficient hotel management services that are focused on ensuring properties managed under the Jannah Hotels & Resorts brand reach their operating potential in every aspect. The brand’s iconic logo, represented by an olive tree bearing turquoise stones, is the realization of a dream sparked by an opportune meeting with a real- life Bedouin. To the dreamer, the olive trees in the desert appear as a paradisiacal garden of possibility and potential. ‘Jannah’ is Arabic for ‘paradise’ or short for ‘garden’, thereby being the perfect word to describe the dream’s essence and headline the company’s name: Jannah Hotels & Resorts. Founded upon the noble Bedouin’s culture, Jannah Hotels & Resorts is a firm believer of such unique hospitality in which the Jannah family puts their guests first before themselves. This is evident in the signature legendary Karims unique to the brand. True to Jannah’s noble Bedouin culture, each property features the matchless Karim butler services available for each guest. The Karims offer personalized assistance from A to Z, from the simplest of services including wake-up calls, packing and unpacking of luggage, and dining recommendations; to the intricate details such as scouring of the best schools within the vicinity and arranging of tailor-made celebratory events. The signature Karims were born out of the response to the ever-increasing fast-paced lifestyle. Wherever Jannah is, Karims are definitely reachable. Jannah Hotels & Resorts offer affluent individual business and leisure guests with elegant and luxurious hotel suites. Guests of Jannah receive the highest individual attentiveness that hospitality has to offer in an intimate and opulent environment. Martin discusses the firm’s locations and how these have been strategically chosen to reflect and meet the needs of every guest. “Jannah Hotels & Resorts has strategically identified and claimed locations in the UAE that have obtained high demand from the source markets. We have secured Jannah’s presence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with four UA170023 properties; and on top of these is the brand new property in Ras Al Khaimah – as we believe that the emirate is holidaymakers’ new favorite destination, featuring rustic tourist spots, water sports and dining experience. “In addition to the two established Jannah properties in Dubai, the innovative Jannah Creek Dubai is scheduled to open in 2018, redefining the future of hotel check-in service. Jannah Place City Center is opening soon this year, in response to the growing demand for long stays in Abu Dhabi. Sharjah is the next on the list with Jannah Ras Al Khor, Sharjah. The group is looking forward to operating a total of 33 hotels, resorts and hotel apartments in the next five years. “Our flagship hotel, Jannah Burj Al Sarab boasts the world’s fastest hotel Internet at 1.2Gb per second, 10 times faster than the average speed; and applies smart technology applications, supporting the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision on sustainability. Jannah Place is an upscale, fully-serviced and fully-furnished accommodation of choice for multi-blenders seeking to balance work and play. With all the comforts of a home furnished in contemporary furniture and soothing colors, Jannah Place provides successful and ambitious global travelers a place to call ‘home’ in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.”