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8 MEA MARKETS / SUB-SAHARAN 2017  Big Bang ERP is a boutique consulting firmbased out of bothMontreal, Canada andMauritius, Africa that helps businesses optimize and streamline their processes by implementing cloud ERPs, CRMs, MRPs, and ITSM systems. We invitedMark Rhyman, Co-CEO& Chief Business Development Officer, to tell us more about the firmand its achievements. Best Cloud-Based Business Management Software Provider 2017 Big Bang ERP’s team of consultants is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals with smart, effective, scalable and high-quality cutting-edge cloud solutions that are delivered on time and within scope. Acting as trusted advisors, the team contribute their diverse experiences and in- depth expertise to the success of organizations around the world. The firm’s highly skilled team of experts works hand in hand with organizations to achieve exceptional business improvements for every department in the enterprise, so that companies can focus on what they do best rather than on repetitive manual processes, spreadsheet management and other non-value-added activities. The services that the firm offers include: implementation, development, migration, integration, support and training for cloud-based business solutions. Mark outlines for us the company’s mission and notes how it is different from other companies regarding its recruitment policy. “Big Bang ERP’s mission is to make organizations, regardless of size or industry, more efficient through the implementation of cutting-edge business management tools and process automation software. We will do this through the attraction, development and retention of top technical talent with superior knowledge of best-in-business practices. We seek simple, scalable solutions that respect our client’s desire for cost-effective, high-quality solutions that are delivered on time and within scope. “In our own unique way, we are quite different to other Consulting Firms as we do believe in recruiting young talented employees that will have both functional and technical expertise. We ensure that there is continuous training and certification of our whole personnel and we even offer a mentorship program within the company. It is also very important to have a clear understanding of different solutions on the market and doing competitive analysis to clearly be able to differentiate the strengths and weaknesses of the top tiered solutions.” Mark details the company’s strengths and how the firm stands out from the competition, citing the variety of services the business can offer as key to its success. “At Big Bang ERP, the expertise of our consultants is our biggest strength, and we distinguish ourselves from the competition by being able to offer the very best solutions to our customers because we offer a variety of cutting edge solutions.” Having touched on the firm’s approach regarding its recruitment policy, Mark gives us an insight into what the company looks for in both clients and their staff, noting that the staff are integral to the success of the business. “When analysing potential employees, we always look for team players with not only a computer science or engineering degree, but with diverse experience, whether it is in business or manufacturing. We are always looking for people with a very positive attitude, that see the long-term career that Big Bang ERP has to offer. “The Clients for us are very precious. There is no small or big customer. We treat all our customer base with the same priority and will do the necessary to keep their business running. For sure Cloud Based SaaS systems need to be understood and misconceptions avoided so for that reason we look for customers with an open mindset who look towards the future and the growth of their own business.” With regards to the future, Mark explains to us what the future has in store for his firm, sharing with us the upcoming plans for Big Bang ERP, alongside some future goals the company hopes to reach in the near future. “Looking ahead, we would probably want to open another one or two satellite offices in the next few years. Maybe somewhere in Europe and in the United States or Australia for now. We listen to the market and sometimes it dictates where we might end up.” “One of our objectives is to be a leader in Cloud Solutions and present customers with options that will help them scale their business to the next level while being conscious of their budget and timeline. In order to achieve that we will keep increasing the number of experts at Big Bang ERP.” There are some specific developments on the horizon within the Sub-Sahara Africa corporate market which Mark is eager to tell us about. He also tells SUB17009