2017 Qatar Business Awards

MEAMARKETS / Qatar Excellence 2017 15 , Hospitality Development Company (HDC) is the hospitality armof United Development Company (UDC), master developers of the Pearl-Qatar. We profiled the firm to find out more. Best Hospitality Brand Development Initiative 2017 EDedicated to excellence, HDC’s aim is to grow in the MENA region through strategic partnerships with like-minded leading hospitality players. As such, HDC aims to develop, own and operate world-class hospitality businesses, locally and regionally. This is achieved by building strong, reliable partnerships with innovative and pioneering brands in the hospitality industry that reflect the company’s vision and meet its long-term ambition. With regard to its global base, HDC brought several established international franchises, from places such as Paris, New York and Beirut, managing to transform The Pearl-Qatar into one of the most exclusive, fashionable and sophisticated destinations in the world. Having formed alliances with a number of reputable brands over the past seven years, the company aims to expand its client base even further, capitalising on its current global success. However, the focus of the company is not just on brand development and over the years the company has invested in providing training and career development to its staff and employees. The staff participate in training courses and workshops, so that they can deliver the highest quality customer service for their clients. The company aims to grow through developing its existing hospitality brand relationships, whilst venturing into strategic acquisitions. The combination of organic and non-organic growth will provide optimal investment diversification. HDC owns, develops and operates some world-class international branded restaurants and nightlife outlets, as well as a variety of ethnic cuisines and also international cuisine restaurants. Within Qatar, specifically Doha, the firm operates fourteen restaurants. The restaurants were built as a result of joint ventures with various international partners. The company plans to acquire a stake in lifestyle operating brand and participate in its global development journey. Looking at the brands proves that HDC’s smart investment strategy produces significant results and will enable the firm to expand in the near future. Listing popular destinations in Qatar, Burj Al-Hamam and the Chocolate Bar New York have proven popular with audiences. These outlets are the highest revenue producing outlets under HDC, instigating the company to look to expand these brands, as well as the company itself, to new locations outside the vicinity of The Pearl-Qatar, zeroing in on shopping malls and centres as ideal locations. Parent company UDC is a leading Qatari public shareholding company with a mission to identify and invest in long-term projects contributing to Qatar’s growth and providing good shareholder value. Its current portfolio boasts real estate development, property management, infrastructure and utilities, energy-intensive industries, hydrocarbon downstream manufacturing, maritime related businesses, and hospitality. Focusing on its areas of expertise UDC has an excellent understanding of the Qatari and regional markets and business environment. The company possesses the ability to form efficient joint ventures whilst also having the ability to create value by forming synergistic businesses across a diverse portfolio. HDC leverages this vast expertise to ensure excellence for its clients. Outlining its vision and aims, UDC states that it is to be the first choice listed company in Qatar through creating sustainable shareholder value. UDC will commit to its growth strategy, and continue to be a benchmark in real estate development and community management in the Middle East. Both firms are highly regarded within their industry, and an impressive portfolio leads to the belief that the companies can build on their ongoing success and further expand their client base and brands globally, outside of Qatar. With upcoming events in Qatar which will attract brand new clients and a huge amount of tourism means that the companies will be able to develop even further. Company: Hospitality Development Company Contact: Chrisa Bartza Contact Address: [email protected] Address: Porta Cabin 5, Site Office, The Pearl, Doha, 26663, Qatar Phone: 00974 4496 1781 Website: www.hdc-global.com/

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