2017 Qatar Business Awards

10 MEA MARKETS / Qatar Excellence 2017 , and businesses that will still be here in 10-15 years’ time, even if it may take five years to get the business to that level, I’m willing to spend the time and cost. I don’t want companies to start up and disappear 12 months later.” Among the firm’s latest developments is the introduction of CoMaS-International a newly established Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Company that already possesses an abundance of knowledge and experience gained via acquisition and careful selection of its employees. CoMaS have the capability to satisfy its clients’ requirements across a large diversity of construction projects including Building, Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical. CoMaS possess the specialist skills to deliver Oil & Gas projects and are particularly proud of its ability to deliver complex pipeline projects. CoMaS core skills are in Project and Programme Management, particular attention is given to the commercial and planning aspects of projects to ensure that the Client receives the Project he desires, on time without any surprises. Safety and protection of the Environment are always the firm’s primary concern, and as such all its projects are continuously reviewed, monitored and controlled to ensure that no one gets injured and damage to the environment is mitigated or avoided completely. In his concluding comments Mr. Fraser is keen to emphasise how the firm seeks to support its staff and provide them with a working environment in which they can grow and flourish, and this will remain its ongoing focus as it looks towards the future. “At CoMaS we believe that our people are our greatest asset; we treat all our staff with the greatest respect and provide an environment where they can learn, develop and grow. We actively encourage them to come forwards with ideas and suggestions for improvement for the company and for themselves. We believe that anyone who works for CoMaS should get a lot more out of their employment here than just financial remuneration, they should feel respected, valued and enjoy continuous improvement in their own abilities.” "Inspiring business throughout the Middle East & Africa"

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