MEA 2017 South Africa Awards

18 MEA MARKETS / APRIL 2017 , PinkDrive, South Africa’s best-loved breast cancer community carer, is the indispensable, tangible breast cancer Non-Profit Company (NPC), powering South Africa’s onlymobile women’s healthmammography and gynaecology units. We caught up withNoelene Kotschan, CEO and Founder, to learnmore about the vital services the company provides. Best Breast Cancer Education NPO 2017 & Excellence Award for Free Examinations & Screening All PinkDrive units travel to semi-urban and urban areas around South Africa with the aim of enabling all medically uninsured access to women’s health services. These services include free education on women’s health, free mammograms, free pap smears, free clinical examinations and how to do breast self- examinations. Noelene outlines the organisations’ aims and how it works to achieve these. “Here at PinkDrive, we are on a mission to ensure PinkDrive’s Mobile units benefit the greater communities across South Africa, and ensure sustainability through public- private-partnerships. In addition, we seek to obtain long term sponsorships and partnerships to enhance sustainability of the project, with a focus on delivering comprehensive health, education and access to cancer screening services. We also seek to maximise our relations with relevant health professional organizations to offer inclusive services when out in communities, and, ultimately, offer a national roll-out of our programme with representation in all nine provinces of South Africa. “To achieve these goals, we actively work to raise both funds and awareness through various campaigns. There are many challenges, but we learn from these and they drive us to achieve even more.” Drawing on its vast experience in the South African healthcare and not-for-profit sector gives PinkDrive a strong overview of this market, which Noelene is happy to share with us as she outlines the benefits she sees for her organisation in this dynamic region. “In my opinion, the perception of where funds are spent, is changing in South Africa. People, organisations and corporates are almost expecting to “see” where their funds are going. This is understandable in the current financial climate. I do believe that is one of our major advantages. We can provide all our financial records; we have the mobile units to show how we provide services and we have all our statistics that can be seen as a direct indication of the work we do on a daily basis. This is the expected ROI a funder wants to see. “In addition, as a developing country, South Africa has a lot of SA170007 “short comings” within e.g. the health sector. This gives PinkDrive the opportunity to excel in our field, be part of policy making and give input into issues concerning our field. Most importantly, we are able to bridge the gap between the private and public sector and afford citizens accessibility to the much-needed cancer services.” Looking to the future, Noelene’s dream is to offer one mobile unit in each of the nine provinces of South Africa. She concludes by discussing how PinkDrive’s latest fundraising campaign will help it to achieve this ambitious target. “Currently we are in the final phases of launching two new initiatives called PinkFly and PinkMobile. The PinkFly initiative will target the aviation industry. The virtual mobile network, PinkMobile, will be the “breast” mobile network in South Africa. These initiatives will assist in raising funds and creating awareness for the cause. It will help us to reach more communities in a much shorter space of time and ultimately support more residents.” Company: Pink Drive Contact: Noelene Kotschan Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 21 Bond Street, Ferndale 2194 Randburg, Johannesburg, 2194, South Africa Phone: 0027 83460 6146 Web Address: