MEA 2017 South Africa Awards

16 MEA MARKETS / APRIL 2017 , Metal Technology Engineering (MTE) has been offering heat treatment services to Gauteng and surrounding areas for over 27 years and continues to offer quality heat treatment to date. We profile the firm to find out more and examine the secrets behind its success. Best Heat Treatment Services Provider 2017 Cowies Heat Treatment (pty) Ltd trading as Metal Technology Engineering is a small family owned heat treatment business that has been operating from Alrode in Alberton for the past 27 years. The company was registered in 1990 by Mr Ken Cowie, hence the name Cowies Heat Treatment, and under his leadership, MTE established itself as a reliable company for heat treatment services. Due to the retirement of Ken Cowie in 2008, the business was sold to Brandon Eatwell and since then the company has grown from strength to strength. As a jobbing shop, we offer our clients great service with many clients getting a 24 hour turn around. We offer a wide range of conventional heat treatment options such as Carburizing, Hardening, Liquid Nitriding, Tufftriding, Stress Relieving, Annealing, Precipitation Hardening, Austempering of steel and ductile iron to name but a few. It is certainly an honour to have won the award for best heat treatment service provide for 2017. We firmly believe that customer service and quality are commitments that we aspire to and the fact that we were nominated is testament to the way our clients feel about us. Our mission is to provide professional heat treatment solutions to our clients to ensure the effective enhancement of the metallurgical properties of their components through controller processing. This is made possible through the expertise of well trained staff, a strict adherence to quality controls and procedures and a willingness at all times to offer the very best in customer service while operating in a credible and ethical manner. We believe that our personal interaction with our clients and our willingness to go the extra mile and the fact that we see ourselves as an extension of our clients business sets us apart from our competitors and creates long term relationships based on mutual trust, value and integrity. We conduct all our heat treatment through molten salt baths and while this mode of heat treatment has been around for many years, the methods of controlling and monitoring have evolved to ensure high levels of quality control and reproducibility. We SA170018 make use of state of the art RKC and CAHO temperature controllers which are monitored via SPECVIEW SCADA software to ensure that all our furnaces and processes are logged, recorded and analysed 24 hours a day. We also have a fully functioning metallurgical laboratory where we carry out a wide variety of quality control checks to ensure that all components processed through our plant adhere to the specifications provided. Our largest clients are suppliers to the mining industry and the deep drilling industry, but we provide services to a wide range of engineering companies from the smallest one-man operation to large multinational companies. Unfortunately, we have noticed a decline in these industries over the last few years and our unstable political climate in South Africa has not helped the economic situation or the steady decline in engineering in our country. However, it is not all doom and gloom and we are always keeping our options open with regards to new clients and more niche processes. Moving forward, we would like to achieve ISO9001 accreditation which will further cement our reputation as a leading Heat Treater in South Africa. Company: Metal Technology Engineering Contact: Brandon Eatwell Contact Email: brandon@ Address: 144 (11) Chris Street, Alrode, Alberton, South Africa Phone: 0027 1186427 90 Website: