MEA 2017 South Africa Awards

MEAMARKETS / APRIL 2017 13 , Emergence Growth is one of Africa’s premier human capital and reward consultancies, with offices in just under 10 African countries. Dr Pat Smythe, Executive Chairman, provides us with an overview of the firmand the range of services it offers. Best HR Consultancy 2017 Emergence Growth works with organisations ranging in size from global multi-nationals with staff complements of over 300 000 to entrepreneurs that are starting out. This has required flexibility in consulting practices and pricing for their services. In doing this, the firm have had to pioneer divergent ways of supporting their clients. Having clients in rural areas in remote towns across the continent has necessitated the innovative use of technology. Their end-to- end service offering enables them to service all their clients’ human capital needs, from recruitment and on-boarding to termination of service. In order to be the premier human capital consultancy in Africa, Emergence Growth needs to continue delivering a superior service, and ensuring the provision of innovative solutions that are tailored specifically to organisation’s needs. The firm is able to compete head-on with global consultancies as it is nimble enough to move quickly, and big enough through its partnerships with Gallup, SHRM and other specialised global players to be at the forefront of thought leadership. It can also provide a service that is unmatched on the African continent. In order to offer the very highest standard of service, the company has developed much of its own technology from job profiling technology to job evaluation to real time performance management, employee engagement, reward systems, identification of skills needs to learner management systems. It is constantly in search of identifying new forms of technology to improve the efficiency of human capital departments across the continent. With the emergence of a younger workforce, the need to adapt leadership styles in the world of work is beginning to dawn on Africa’s HR and line leadership. These new demands are requiring a coaching style of leadership, specifically aligned to people’s talents, as well as a flexible and developmental work culture. Africa has always been strong on the softer issues such as wellness, time off for bereavement. The new hard-wired reality will require ongoing performance discussions and reward for improved performance. Alongside this dynamic and innovative workforce, Emergence Growth believes that one of the benefits of being South African based is its ability to reach most parts of the continent with a single flight, thus reducing excessive travel time to deliver services to their clients. Johannesburg is the central hub of the world’s major airlines. Being the economic capital of Africa, Johannesburg has an infrastructure that allows for the innovative use of technology and a ready supply of talent. SA170003 Overall, Emergence Growth is immensely proud to have won this award as it validates the hard work that all staff, from Directors to the housekeeper, have delivered in pursuit of excellence. Although the organisation does not always get it right, this success is largely due to an ongoing desire to put into practice in their own organisation the message they give to their clients, as Pat explains: “Apart from bottom line results, organisations need to develop their talent and ensure that staff achieve high levels of engagement in order to maximise their discretionary effort. Emergence Growth staff are often seen working on weekends and public holidays for their clients voluntarily.” Looking ahead, during 2017 Emergence Growth looks set to more than double its annual turnover, increase its staff complement by almost 50%, open offices in a further five locations across the continent, dramatically increase its technology footprint (including predictive analytics and artificial intelligence) and train an estimated 200 new coaches across the continent. Over the coming years, in South Africa and further afield on the rest of the continent, growing the coaching and leadership side of the business into Africa will continue to be one of the major goals. It is a continent that has a thirst for knowledge today, and a desire for help to make the changes yesterday. This desire for help has seen a significant growth in interest for new style leadership programs and global HR development. Ultimately, Emergence Growth believes that Africa will eventually move out of archaic leadership practices, but when it does it will become the blueprint for the rest of the world. Contact: Dr Pat Smythe, Executive Chairman Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 328 Main Avenue, Ferndale Randburg, 2194, South Africa Phone: 0027 11 026 3442